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Insights Into Intuition and Co-Creation at the London Instructor Training by Damien

Master San Gee Tam demonstrates the power of chi during the London Training.
Master San Gee Tam demonstrates the power of chi during the London Training.


I’m working on mastering the skill of listening to my intuition more. When the subject of attending the Golden Flower European Instructor Training came up it was easy, my intuition said; you definitely need to go. When this happens I always wonder why the intuitive “yes” was so strong. I wonder whether I am going to have some break through or powerful insight. Well I believe I had a little bit of both as I had a moment of extraordinary clarity of what co-creation is all about. It hit me one night as we were sharing about our reason for being there. I could see what was happening. Our Tai Chi community, our curriculum, our own personal development, they are all expanding. And no one element is singly responsible; we are all part of the expansion. From Master San Gee Tam down to the most inexperienced student at the training, we were all powerfully moving it forward.

As we co-created this past week we generated a clear, palpable, cooperative, loving energy. I felt aware and relaxed. I felt like I was part of something bigger than myself and was really proud to be a part of it. I saw our reach spreading throughout the world. And it is not about numbers either (although I will still track them on a spreadsheet) but rather seeing the expanded possibilities for ourselves and those around us. I have known many of the instructors in Europe for some time now and I see beautiful changes in them. They are brighter, healthier, more in control of themselves. The trainings are incredibly positive. As we go through very important, yet very difficult new material, everyone is totally engaged, picking up what they can, being satisfied with their new knowledge or integration, and not worrying about those aspects they were not quite ready for. The complaints were nil, the focus and attention was acute.

a London Training

Throughout the training I practiced with instructors mainly from Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. Some of them have been very successful in developing their classes and enrolling students, others are just getting going, some are even taking a break from instructing. When I look at my own teaching efforts I realized this week that I am exactly where I need to be in this complicated activity of developing Tai Chi skills and learning to share them with people in an authentic way (Power point presentations are not going to be much help when teaching Tai Chi). Often I beat myself up that my results are not all that good but when I feel the co-creation going on at a greater level those feelings go away and I am inspired and motivated. I am part of something that is really worthwhile that is continuing to grow and spread light in the world.

I very much appreciate all of the attention, guidance and love that Master San Gee Tam has showed me. I feel myself transforming, I am not the same person I was 15 years ago. I am proud to be an instructor in the Golden Flower Tai Chi School. I am aligned with our purpose of greater awareness and personal development. Tai Chi is one of the best root tools for this. And along the way we have a lot of fun.

Part of my ongoing transformation is lightening back up; at my core I know that is who I am. I spent the first 38 years of my life in a state of confusion and the result was stress, negativity and exhaustion. Now after 15 years of training in what is important, I am in the process of shedding the baggage. And what is important – I think this inquiry starts with an understanding of how things work in the universe. There are principles in operation and as you learn these, believe me, life gets a lot easier.

I extend deep gratitude to all my fellow instructors and the other students who came to England and created such a clear, loving space. Thanks to my wife Julie, who is also a Tai Chi Instructor, for being the most supportive, wonderful wife a man could have.

I look forward to so many more years of participation in the Golden Flower School.

Damien Reynolds, Golden Flower Tai Chi Instructor

Damien Reynolds demonstrating


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