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Beginers ClassBeginner and Intermediate Tai Chi Classes

In our beginner classes the basic principles of Tai Chi are taught with a focus on helping you achieve a relaxed state of being so that you can develop more balance, strength and awareness. You will learn warm-up exercises, breathing techniques that help bring the body and mind into proper balance, our Be Here Now Meditation, and standing Chi Gong – a powerful practice that awakens your body’s innate healing energy.  We also introduce the Golden Flower Form which is a sequence of slowly performed movements to practice the principles you are learning.  There are a wide range of students in the beginning level classes which offer a fun and relaxed learning environment.

Form Classes

This course is a continuation of the practices learned in the beginner class with more emphasis on learning the finer points of the Golden Flower Form.  Additional exercises and practices are included that enhance your understanding of Tai Chi principles and energy work.

Pushing HandsPushing Hands

Push Hands (also called joining hands) is a partner exercise that helps you understand the application of Tai Chi principles and develop “internal power” as you test movements and skills learned in the Tai Chi Form.  You become more sensitive to the energy of another person and learn how to respond to them.  It is an opportunity to work with Master San Gee Tam in an atmosphere that is non-competitive and fun.

This class is only available to those signed up to the Master Class pass.

DSC_3058Bagua Superfitness

Time to get in shape!  This vigorous form of exercise is one of the three internal martial arts (Tai Chi and Hsing I are the others).  It involves “walking the circle” and is excellent for developing flexibility and stamina.  The essential power that bagua produces is adaptability, enabling you to easily adjust to any situation in your life.  It can be studied alone or as a supplement to Tai Chi training.  You will love this workout!

Advanced Class with Master San Gee Tam

The first hour of this class is a drop in class where students of all abilities are welcome to drop in and practice alongside advanced students and instructors. Master San Gee Tam and other senior instructors will be available to answer questions and give instruction.

The second hour of this class is an advanced class for students that are proficient with the complete Golden Flower Form and are signed up to the Master Class pass.

Saturday Community Tai Chi Class (by donation)

We offer this class so that everyone, regardless of ability to pay, can experience the gifts of Tai Chi. The practices taught in this introductory class are simple, effective ways to get centered, grounded, let go of stess and bring yourself into a calm state.      As you learn to relax at a deeper level, your vitality increases, and, you gradually become able to transcend your obstacles.   All donations, monetary or food, will be given to the local Food Bank.

Chi Source 

One of the root concepts of Tai Chi is that of universal principles – that everything in the world functions according to a common set of principles. In Tai Chi Chuan those principles are examined and practiced to develop skill and understanding. The Chi Source Program extends this examination and practice to our everyday lives. The Program focuses on important principles such as the blocking and wasting of mental and emotional energy – where is this happening and what practices can we apply to bring more consciousness and function to this area. Among other topics explored are appreciation, dedication, flow writing, scattering and gathering and meditation. Master San Gee Tam developed this program over many years and Annukka Holland is now the Senior Instructor of Chi Source. Several Golden Flower instructors in the US, Europe and Russia have also been certified by Master San Gee Tam to teach this Program.

Benefits of Tai Chi: A Student’s Perspective

If you are wondering about the benefits you might receive from a Tai Chi Class, read on to enjoy a testimonial from one of Golden Flower’s Students, a Wake Forest University student and football player.

“Taking Tai Chi this semester has been an unforgettable experience. The many lessons I have learned from Tai Chi are life lessons that I feel I will carry with me through the rest of my life. Taking Tai Chi during the football season proved to be incredibly beneficial for me this semester. Between workouts, film studies, traveling, team meetings and games the season is often associated with a number of stresses and uncertainties. Every Tuesday and Thursday provided me with an escape from the pressure  and demands of college football. Alongside being a stress reliever, Tai Chi provided numerous physical benefits for me throughout the class. There were a number of occasions where I came into class feeling banged up physically. Tai Chi helped me to become more aware of the way my body felt, rehabbing those aches and pains. Despite entering class feeling out of whack, I often found myself leaving feeling more aligned and centered.

The Tai Chi principle that I found to be the most useful was the power of the mind and intention. I found this principle to be applicable in all areas of my life, especially in football. So many times in football you are faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, be it playing the number one team in the nation or rallying to engineer a comeback winning drive. I have learned that by focusing my thoughts and intentions on myself and the task at hand, there is nothing I cannot do. Another principle of Tai Chi that I find important is the attention to detail. There are so many minute details within the form, that if not done correctly, can throw off the entire balance and direction of the form. Tai Chi’s ability to combine balance, precision, and fluidity creates a practice that is unlike any other. I greatly admired your passion, focus and discipline for the Tai Chi form and was inspired to try and carry that same sort of dedication and attention to detail to the game of football and other areas of my life.

Finally, Tai Chi taught me to put everything into perspective. There is no need for stress within your life; the only thing associated with stress is negative energy. As a result of trying to eliminate these stresses I have felt freed to enjoy the little things in life. The principle of the yin and yang has taught me the importance of moderation. It is never good to be on the extreme end of the spectrum, instead it is important to find a balance between the two. The ideas of listening to others, not only with my ears, but listening to their actions and direction will help me to better understand people and subsequently create harmony with others and humanity as a whole.

According the Harvard Health Publications there are a variety of health benefits Tai Chi has. Some of those include controlling the effects of Parkinson’s, easing the pain of arthritis, and improving the quality of sleep.

Taking the Tai Chi course this semester has been insightful, beneficial and fun. I cannot wait to go home and show all my friends the form. I truly enjoyed taking your class and getting to know you and Tai Chi. Thank you for everything this semester and most importantly thank you for enlightening me on the invaluable knowledge of Tai Chi.

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