Golden Flower Events, Trainings & Retreats


Golden Flower Masterclass Days

GFIT-Mon.-G.4 (16)Spend the day with Master San Gee Tam going deeper into the Golden Flower Principals. Golden Flower Days occur four times a year, sometimes at Heavenly Way Retreat and sometimes at The Center on Trade Street in downtown Winston-Salem. The half-day workshops include a pot-luck meal and provide an opportunity for Tai Chi students and instructors at all levels to work with Master San Gee Tam in a comfortable setting. These learning sessions are particularly valuable because of Master San Gee Tam’s deep knowledge of Tai Chi, Chi Gong, health practices and balance in every day life. He explains core principles in such a way that he touches each person at their level of understanding. His unique ability to see “people where they are” at any given moment, and speak to different stages of listening all at once, helps each student personally experience what is being taught, opening the the door for greater integration of what they already know.

Saturday Workshops

Regular workshops are held at the Golden Flower Tai Chi center in downtown Winston-Salem throughout the year. These short workshops are held on Saturday afternoons and cover a variety if different practices including: Qi Gong, Tai Chi Form, Tai Chi Staff Form, Tai Chi Sword Form and Ba Gua Super-Fitness.

SONY DSCSummer Retreat

July / August at Heavenly Way

Golden Flower’s Annual Summer Retreat uses fun and relaxation in nature as a primary living and learning method.

Many students and instructors (and their family members) come to the Summer Retreat each August to give themselves the gift of space. It is a rare opportunity to step out of your normal routine and take time to reconnect with the unchanging part of yourself. That may sound simple or ordinary, but stop to consider how often we suspend our ceaseless “doing” and make room for just “being”. Some types of vacations, though enjoyable, can consume your energy instead of restoring it. The Annual Golden Flower Retreat each summer provides a respite from “busy” and offers rejuvenation and play in a beautiful natural setting.

Kids Creek

SONY DSCInternational Instructor Training

February Training at Heavenly Way

October Training in Europe

Every February the Golden Flower Tai Chi School hosts a ten-day International Instructor Training Retreat at Heavenly Way. The training is lead by Master San Gee Tam with the assistance of Senior Instructor Annukka Holland. The training is attended by Golden Flower Instructors from around the globe. It is also open to Instructor Trainees (taking Golden Flower’s Two Year Professional Course) and Advanced Students interested in becoming an Instructor (upon an invitation by Master San Gee Tam).

The event is an “intensive” training with a typical day starting at 7:00 am in the morning and lasting until 10:00 pm or later.

The Training Retreat focuses on:

  • Further development and refinement for Instructors’ understanding and abilities with respect to the Golden Flower Curriculum.
  • The latest updates and developments with respect to the Curriculum.
  • Personal feedback to the Instructor with respect to their personal Tai Chi practice, teaching and communications skills.

Perhaps most importantly, this Event allows instructors from many different geographic locations an opportunity to get together and Co-Create the future of the Golden Flower School. This is a powerful experience and a unique chance to be a part of a worldwide creation centered on health, well being and personal transformation.

PICT0024_2New Years Retreat

New Year at Heavenly Way

Let’s start the New Year with Good Spirits, Good Company and Good Creations.

Golden Flower’s New Years Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for you to complete the old year and begin the new year with renewed energy, a clear mind and an open heart. It is the time to remember that we all have the power to gather our energies and create the direction our lives will take in the coming year.

new years peace

Before the new cycle begins, it is most important to be complete with past experiences and events. Our incomplete communications, frustrated intentions and unfulfilled expectations add invisible weight to every new possibility. Anything we leave unresolved will most predictably interfere with our new ventures.

Golden Flower’s Completing and Creating Process gives us an opportunity to recognize neglected issues, transform negative attitudes and gather all our thoughts, emotions and behaviors that remain identified with the past. Then we may dedicate that reclaimed energy toward producing powerful intentions with good results for the upcoming year.

A “New Year” is Possibility!

Natural Horsemanship Workshops

ridingAt Heavenly Way we practice and teach the gentle and respectful principals of Natural Horsemanship and offer a range of classes, workshops and seminars for beginners and experienced riders.

The art of Tai Chi uses communication, listening with your whole being, and clear intention to achieve miraculous results. These same principles are the foundation of Golden Flower’s Natural Horsemanship Training.

Our facility features beautiful trails for riding on the 300-acre property of woods, meadows, ponds and streams. We invite you to come make some new, life-long friends of these beautiful wise horses who are here to be your teachers.

During our Natural Horsemanship Seminars you will learn about yourself, reflected in the way the horse interacts with you. They are listening to you all the time and are asking you to be their partner. Our Trainer, Al Trippe, uses his mastery in natural horsemanship to carefully guide each person and horse on their journey. When you are ready, he shows you how riding these amazing creatures will empower you, teach you about trust, and remind you about “play”.

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