Master San Gee Tam

sangee smileMaster San Gee Tam is a Master-Level Teacher of Tai Chi as well as personal and spiritual growth work.  His spiritual journey has lasted over 45 years so far and has taken him around the world. During this amazing adventure he has studied with some of the most well-known masters in the practices of Tai Chi, meditation, Chi Gong, and personal cultivation.

San Gee Tam was raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As he grew into adulthood, he realized that he could not fit into the so-called “normal” life that most people lead. Instead, his path led him to California, India, Western Europe and beyond through an extraordinary series of living spiritual and philosophical gateways. From the teachers he encountered, he learned of a reality much more powerful than any he had previously experienced. He learned that his purpose was to become fully himself, a living portal of enlightenment and knowledge.

The Power in a Name

The name San Gee Tam was originally given to him by Baghwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho).  In Hindi it means Celestial Music. Taoist master Hua-Ching Ni again bestowed the same name on him, but in Chinese it means “One Whose Life Benefits All People”.  He is constantly inspired by, and working to live up to, his name.

Sangee Portrait

The Purpose of the School

Master San Gee Tam started the Golden Flower Tai Chi School as a vehicle for providing education in areas where people generally lacked experience, particularly around our bodies, mind, emotions, health and communication. He observed that there were too many basic areas about being a human that are ignored in traditional education. The approach of the Golden Flower School was to provide workshops and environments where people could learn through their own experience and exploration, not by a set of pre-established rules and conclusions. Through this approach, certain fundamental understandings could be achieved and people could be empowered to explore and discover the deeper aspects of themselves and their lives.

The Benefits of Tai Chi

After approximately ten years of developing the Golden Flower School it became clear to Master San Gee Tam that everyone could benefit from the practice of Tai Chi. Tai Chi gave people a tool they could use on their own that had tremendous power of self support and centering. Tai Chi was broad enough to offer something for everyone, from basic relaxation, meditation and healing to the mastery of an internal martial art. Gradually Tai Chi, the practice of natural laws, energy, and movement became the central focus of the Golden Flower School.

Reaching Higher Levels of Understanding

Master San Gee Tam was trained traditionally in Tai Chi by some of the most famous masters in the world. He came to realize that Tai Chi was based on principles and processes, rather than styles, skills and techniques. Through the exploration of these “universal principles” one could reach a higher level of understanding, awareness and function in any area of their life.

SONY DSCRapid Changes Accelerates Possibilities

In recent years the transformation of humanity has been accelerating and the breadth and diversity of human experience is rapidly expanding. There continues to be huge increases in freedom around exploration, expression and manifestation.  This rapid rate of change can be somewhat disorienting and disturbing at times.  The Golden Flower Center is unique in that the Programs and Practices in the School empower people to explore and appreciate these changes. At the same time, these practices provide tools for remaining calm, centered and healthy. There is truly a new beginning underway on the planet and Golden Flower is eager to participate with everyone in co-creating the new energy!

What It Is Like To Work With A Master? 

A Student’s Perspective…

When you get to a certain point in your self-development, it simply feels right to work with a master who can help you become the person you want to be. Working with Master San Gee Tam is a natural progression in that process. As a Tai Chi Master, he is aware of energies on a very subtle level. Being in the presence of his developed consciousness allows students opportunities to work on breaking out of fixed patterns. Over time students recognize personal physical, emotional and mental pitfalls that are, in reality, energy blockages. In a caring, group-centered community, each student processes and progresses at their desired pace. Master San Gee Tam is an embodiment of the same Tai Chi principles that are taught in a beginning level Golden Flower Tai Chi class and serves as a willing catalyst and inspiration to the Golden Flower community.

~ Michelle Carter, Golden Flower Instructor


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