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Annukka Holland is the Senior Instructor at the International Golden Flower School.  For close to three decades she has worked side-by-side with Master San Gee Tam to Co-Create the Golden Flower Community. Annukka is also a master gardener, natural horsemanship advocate, and the co-creator of beautiful spaces… both inside and outside.

Since the early 90’s Annukka has studied all aspects of Tai Chi and Chi Gong for use in self-cultivation and physical health and balance. As Golden Flower’s Co-Creator and Senior Instructor, Annukka has devoted her life to creating spaces for people to increase their well-being and physical health. She teaches weekly at The Trade Street Center in downtown Winston-Salem, NC and at Heavenly Way Retreat and conducts instructor trainings all over the world.

Annukka was born in Finland in 1968. Her training at college in Finland was in landscape gardening and design. After graduating, she traveled to England in 1989 intending to further develop her gardening skills and to improve her English. After just two weeks, she met Master San Gee Tam and her life’s path took a dramatic turn.


“Early in my Instructor Training we were all asked about the vision we had for ourselves and the future of the School,” says Annukka. “Strongly the memory of a story in one of Osho’s books came to me.  In this story was a huge tree in the forest.  So huge that when the forest was being harvested by carpenters, they left the tree alone saying it was too big to be of any use. This tree became a place for the people to gather and rest and learn and just be together under its beautiful canopy. It was a place of both welcoming shelter and peacefulness. During this training session with San Gee, I thought of this story, this tree, and I thought, ‘That is the energy I want to offer people.’ When I think about it now, I have become the tree in my vision, and Heavenly Way holds the energy of that tree for the Golden Flower Community. Heavenly Way is the realization of the vision that San Gee and I began co-creating all those years ago.”


What Golden Flower Students and Instructors have to say about Annukka

“She is able to teach in a light and joyful way which helps break down any barriers to learning.

“Annukka is able to clerly communicate and demonstrate what she talks about – thereby making the principles of Tai Chi alive and real.”

“She provides a space where students feel safe and encouraged.”

“We wish she would come to Europe more often for Instructor Training as it definitely has a dramatic effect on raising everyone’s level of Tai Chi, and more than that – the overall level of chi/energy.”

“Annukka has a healing, calming presence and is good fun.”

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