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European SchoolThe Golden Flower Tai Chi School is an international organization headquartered in North Carolina, USA. Classes are taught in dozens of cities internationally with established Golden Flower Schools in England, Belgium, Holland and Russia as well as in the United States.

The international Golden Flower Community is rooted in sharing the practice of Tai Chi, and its associated principles, to create transformation in people’s lives. Golden Flower fosters a friendly, cooperative and supportive environment geared toward generating Happy Chi. This welcoming and supportive atmosphere is paired with rigorous standards so that students and instructors may achieve mastery in their lives. Many close and supportive friendships exist among the instructors and students throughout the world.

All the International Schools work together in a cooperative, highly-integrated manner.  This atmosphere of mutual support and trust serves as an energetic model for the greater world-wide community.

Golden Flower’s History 

The School was started in 1980 in London, England while Master San Gee Tam was training with one of the most advance Tai Chi practitioners in the world at that time, Master Chu King Hung. The School expanded shortly thereafter to Belgium and Holland.  In 1992 Master San Gee Tam led his top students on a trip to introduce Tai Chi in Omsk, Siberia and the seeds were planted for what is now a large and thriving Golden Flower presence. Master San Gee Tam moved back to the United States in 1994 and established the Headquarters of the School in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  Several other North Carolina locations have since been added, including the beautiful 300-acre Heavenly Way Retreat Center in the foothills of the North Carolina Mountains near Hanging Rock State Park.

The Golden Path

While cultivating a fun and relaxed environment, the Golden Flower School maintains rigorous standards for teaching within the school. To qualify as a Golden Flower Tai Chi Instructor years of practice as a student is required followed by a 2-year professional Instructor Qualification Program. Once the Qualification Program is complete all instructors in the Golden Flower School are required to be certified as such by Master San Gee Tam. With the assistance of Senior Instructor Annukka Holland, he personally tests all new instructors on all aspects of the extensive Golden Flower Curriculum.  In addition Master San Gee Tam and Annukka Holland visit each International School regularly for instructor intensive trainings and general classes. There is also a week-long Instructor Intensive held at the Heavenly Way Retreat Center in North Carolina each February. The International Instructor Training Retreat is well loved by many long-time, certified Golden Flower instructors.

Testimonials from Around the World

“For me, being part of the Golden Flower School is about so much more than doing Tai Chi. It is about being connected with other people, learning and working together in a harmonious and fun way.  It is amazing how the Golden Flower School brings us together, whenever I visit the US, UK, Belgium or even Russia —  we share the same passion. I know I am among friends and instantly I feel at home.

Practicing and teaching the principles of Tai Chi is such a fantastic way to share the beauty and possibilities of life.”

~ Wanda, Netherlands Golden Flower Instructor


“As a Golden Flower Instructor for the past 10 years I have been privileged to witness how Tai Chi supports positive change in people’s lives. The energy that we create in class empowers transformation way beyond the students and me.  When we gather for a Golden Flower Class we feel the energy of the school in us. The School that we are creating together is unlimited in its potential.”   

~ Tom Gold-Blyth, Golden Flower Instructor, Oxford, England


“Golden Flower Tai Chi is a fantastic system for developing better fitness and reducing stress among many other benefits I have found.  Indeed I have found it works on so many levels and ways that it will quite simply refresh your life and take it to a new level. “

~ John, Golden Flower Student, England


“I am continually inspired by Master San Gee Tam’s teachings and the curriculum the School offers: personal development in any aspect of life and the cultivation of Happy Chi. I also enjoy the great sense of community and friendship in the School.  In my classes I aim to reflect these aspects so that students can benefit from Tai Chi as much as I do, having fun and enjoyment, depth of experience and also being able to nurture personal development. Being on the South Coast gives us the opportunity to practice by the sea!”

~ Heike Waters, Golden Flower Instructor, England



















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