Advanced Trainings by Master Annukka Holland


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Small Circle Training

The most advanced Tai Chi Chuan training in the Golden Flower School is referred to as Small Circle Training. Taught by Master San Gee Tam, this is traditional Yang Style Small Frame Practice. With a focus on developing integration and internal power, the training concentrates on traditional Taoist relaxation exercises, standing practice and structure, Tai Chi form mechanics, application testing and push hands and subtle energy cultivation practices. This training is a long-term program taking many, many years to learn and embody but the chi and shen development that result are extraordinary.

Group SessionIntegral Healing

This ongoing program focuses on healing oneself. The healing here refers to integration and becoming whole and complete as we are. This program deeply explores the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our reality.  The exploration starts with unconscious and dysfunctional patterns and behaviors and introduces practices that will bring consciousness to these areas, freeing us of this unnecessary and limiting activity. From this more conscious space the process of deliberate creation is more effective and in line with our deeper desires. Understanding and practicing the creative process is a significant part of this training.  Golden Flower’s Integral Healing Program also explores the deeper questions of life – who are we, why are we here, how does our mind work, is there more to reality than our five senses discern, what is really important; all necessary examinations in the process of healing. Master San Gee Tam’s wealth of experience and practice in this area over the last 45 years make this course exceptionally unique and transformational.

New Instructor Training

This is a two year program of monthly training with Master San Gee Tam covering the extensive Golden Flower Tai Chi curriculum. This training is not only for those who want to be instructors, but is the next step in advancing your Tai Chi Training. New Instructor Training is for those students who are dedicated to their own development and those who want to share the gifts they have received with their community. For many it becomes a personal goal that involves an intense journey into building confidence and discovering new strengths and skills in leadership.

New InstructorsMaster San Gee Tam draws on his long experience of leading and teaching groups to offer many insights into the art of seed learning and imparting experiential understanding to the student. Master San Gee Tam is a master at breaking down the often complex subjects of Tai Chi theory, movement dynamics and spiritual concepts into real and simple principles that can be easily explained and tested. Study of these principles, deepens your own understanding and practice and develops within you a concentration of knowledge that naturally becomes a resource for others.

Private Lessons & Private Sessions

Master San Gee Tam is very generous in his offering of private Tai Chi lessons and personal development sessions to any sincere student of the School, regardless of experience or ability. These one-on-one teaching and coaching sessions are very powerful and have a significant effect on ones Tai Chi practice or personal development. Master San Gee Tam’s sense of humor and relaxed demeanor are always present and create a wonderful learning environment.


If you are interested in joining any of these trainings please speak to your instructor or contact us through our contact form or by calling (336) 727-1131
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