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When and how was the Belgian School founded ? 

Master San Gee Tam lived and taught Tai Chi in Brussels in the 80s for a couple of years and that was enough for the Belgian School to be founded soon after in Leuven. Meanwhile the teaching has spread out geographically with Instructors and Trainees teaching in 3 different provinces (Brabant, Antwerp, Oost-Vlaanderen) and a thriving Golden Flower Center in Aartselaar, Antwerp.

What is the focus of the Belgian School ?
The focus of the Belgian School is to share Golden Flower Tai Chi and related practices for those who sincerely seek to reconnect with their innate joy of life, inner truth and radiant health. The teaching covers every level from simple relaxation and rejuvenation, to later include more advanced aspects of Tai Chi like the martial arts aspect or using Tai Chi as a tool for self-reflection and self-refinement.
Some Instructors focus on teaching the basic Golden Flower curriculum both to the general public and/or to business staff. As a school we clearly embrace the vision of offering a variety of practices. Practices like Ba Gua, Hsing Y, Fast Forms, Weapon Forms and Pushing Hands are offered in specialized classes by qualified Instructors.

The Community of the Belgian School
The Belgian School currently (2013) accounts for 8 certified Golden Flower Tai Chi Instructors and 7 Trainees. They teach about 150 students (of which 50 are members). Ongoing advanced programs are offered so that more students can join the School at the level of being a Trainee and/or Instructor. This ensures the growth of the school and the spreading of the unique, complete and always evolving Golden Flower material, that we cherish so much.
Instructors and Trainees teach individually or with an assistant, practice together regularly and work as a team to organize events. Working together harmoniously is a constant drive in the Belgian School.

What is your connection with the US Headquarters ?
All of the Trainees and Instructors are thrilled to work with Master San Gee Tam and Senior Instructor Annukka Holland regularly. They attend the yearly Trainings set up in Europe (October and May/June) and in the US Headquarters (February), take private lessons and work together to make the organization one that works smoothly and supports the Headquarters whenever needed. Some are keen to also visit the US Headquarters outside of these Training periods for a week, a few weeks, a few months or even longer for their personal development and training.
We all love working with our dear, inspiring, funny, wise Master San Gee Tam and Senior Instructor Annukka Holland; and we love working with the experienced Instructors that – along with Master San Gee Tam and Annukka – are holding the space of the community at the Headquarters and at Heavenly Way.

For more information about our classes, workshops and trainings visit our website at

Current Instructors and Trainees

1. Ann Crols – Trainee
2. Carina Mampaey – Instructor
3. Els Verbeeck – Instructor
4. Helena Samiadjie – Instructor
5. Hilde De Ceuster – Instructor
6. Inge Wenseleers – Trainee
7. Jacques Servaes – Trainee
8. Kris Van Put – Instructor
9. Leen De Leenheer – Instructor
10. Marc Van Kerckhoven – Trainee
11. Myrjam Verbruggen – Instructor
12. Rashmi Endenburg – Instructor
13. Rene Bijman – Trainee
14. Tom Yudhira – Trainee
15. Wendy De Bruyn – Trainee


Rashmi Endenburg

Why do you Love Tai Chi ?

I love Tai Chi for it’s beautiful and harmonious movements, for it’s natural simplicity and depth. I love that practicing Tai Chi makes me feel calm, energized, focused and alert. But what I love most about Tai Chi is that I practice bringing loving awareness not only to my posture and Tai Chi movements, but also to my attitude and ‘movements’ in life. Over the years Tai Chi has supported me to gradually create a simple, beautiful and fulfilling life, beyond what I ever expected to be possible.

What is your favorite Golden Flower moment/experience?

I have countless favorite Golden Flower moments and – as my life gets better and better – more keep coming!

What I love most about the Golden Flower School is that it is a school for people, a school that always acknowledges and enhances the unique contribution that we all are. Hence my favorite Golden Flower experience is to generate and participate in the Golden Flower community. In this community I get to enjoy beautiful people, willing and eager to bring loving awareness to their movements in Tai Chi and in life. It is my experience that this creates a field of natural and harmonious transformation. It is a privilege to co-create and participate in this beautiful community.

How many years of Tai Chi experience do you have?

I am practicing Golden Flower Tai Chi since 1990, teaching part-time since 1995 and full time since 2008.

Which classes do you lead?

Currently I teach several Golden Flower Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes and workshops of different levels as well as a summer retreat. I also facilitate more specialized classes and workshops like Pushing Hands, Fast Form, Ba Gua, Hsing Y, Staff.

Together with Wanda Link (Golden Flower Instructor in the Netherlands) I teach a Golden Flower Advanced Training, which involves a series of 8 workshops that cover the Golden Flower curriculum. In this Training Instructors, Trainees and Advanced Students study the material in a more in depth way for inspiration, Self-development and/or to prepare for the Instructors test.

Other Qualifications: Fast Breathing Chi Kung, Sword Form, Dong style Long and Short Form

What is your professional background?

MBA degree; business experience; teaching Dutch to business people and asylum seekers; traveling, living and studying in different countries, most notably an almost 2-year period in 2005-2008 of dedicated Tai Chi and Self-development study with Master San Gee Tam and Senior Instructor Annukka Holland at the Headquarters of the Golden Flower School International (North Carolina, US).

More information in Dutch at


DSC_0255Kristiaan Van Put

Why I love Tai Chi:

Tai Chi generates a positive energy for me. I feel good, joyful and I’m always looking out for more. Doing Tai Chi provides me with harmony, a sense of fitting in.

More aware and aligned … with myself … people and the world. It feels very supportive. Life is full of possibilities when you relax into that.

And when we practice in group, I feel the smile, the happy feeling that resonates back to me.

Favorite Golden Flower moment:

I get a kick when I get together with friends who want to stimulate, create that same positive vibe. For sure when we get together with the School and train with Master San Gee Tam.

And it’s not just when doing Tai Chi. I get that feeling whenever we create our moment of tuning in. Whether it is down to earth like dancing, horseback riding or exchanging ideas. Or on a more cultivating path like meditation and awareness.

Tai Chi is wonderful that way because those components are always there for me. I just carry that with me all the time. It is more a flow to me. It has ups and downs but it is not a specific moment.

Years of Tai Chi practice:

September 1995 up to now. So this year (2013) I’ve been doing it for 18 years.

Leading the Golden Flower Centre – Rising Spirit in Belgium, Aartselaar since 2005 full-time as profession.

Professional Background:

My life before Tai Chi has definite influence on my development as an instructor.

From early age I danced. Several music styles drew me in to my body and for a few years I danced in a small semi-professional show-group with a broad range of dance styles. Working with choreographs and exploring movement gave me a boost even then.

Becoming an Industrial Designer led me on the path of learning to understand creation. People may not be aware this is a double process. Designing is a lot about the physical reality like materials and production methods. On the other hand whatever you are working on, you are coördinating with people throughout the complete process and then to be transformed to be suitable for people.

This is my foundation where I built my Tai Chi on. It made it possible for me to understand organization necessities for the Golden Flower Centre – Rising Spirit I run with my wife Carina and our Belgian School.

Classes He Leads:

Throughout the year specific classes:

  • Golden Flower Chi Kung
  • Golden Flower Tai Chi Initiations
  • Golden Flower Tai Chi Form
  • Golden Flower Tai Chi Basic Standing
  • Golden Flower Tai Chi Applications and Interactions

And introductions in:

  • Xing Yi 5 Element Fist and Linking Set
  • Xing Yi Staff: Exercises, 5 Elements and Linking Set
  • Xing Yi Nei Gong – Chi Kung
  • Bagua Super Fitness
  • Bagua Linking Form
  • Bagua 5 Element Chi Kung

Information on our website:

Classes in Aartselaar near Antwerp, Belgium (Instruction in Dutch)


DSC_0251Carina Mampaey

Why I love Tai Chi:

Tai Chi gives my life an extra dimension. It brings me closer to my purpose of life which is for me to be straight and honest with myself and with others.

To live my life with passion and to share it with the people who are the closest to me. I love Tai Chi because it gives me the tools to cope with the challenges of life in a more balanced way.

Favorite Golden Flower moment:

My favorite Golden Flower moments are the International Instructors Trainings. Even if we do not see or speak each other that much, when we meet it feels like coming home.

Years of Tai Chi practice:

I started with tai chi in 2000. So 13 years of Tai Chi practice (2013) and I hope to do it as long as I am able to.

Professional Background:

My profession is manager of a financial structured products division in a bank.

Classes She Leads:

On tuesday evenings I have three classes. One Chi Kung class (Daoin), one basic principles class for beginners and advanced and one Tai Chi form class for more advanced students.

Information on our website:

Classes in Aartselaar near Antwerp, Belgium (Instruction in Dutch)


DSC_0267Els Verbeeck

Why do you love Tai Chi?

I love Tai Chi because it makes me feel good, happy and alive. Since I started to practice Tai Chi, there’s a lot changed in how I feel and think about myself. I feel much more joy, calmness, self – confidence and aliveness. And I accept myself more as I am.

By practicing Tai Chi, my body relaxes, feels more open and I am more in my body. It gives me a feeling of inner calm, balance and a flow of energy. Energy that gives me a feeling of being alive and that’s a great feeling.
With Tai Chi I learn to accept myself and enjoy my life, enjoy who I really am. And that makes me feel good, happy and alive.

What is your favorite Golden Flower Moment?

My Favorite Golden Flower Moment is when I went for the first time to the School in America, to Heavenly Way, and decided to become an Instructor. I went to Heavenly Way and practised Tai Chi together with other people of the Golden Flower School, people that I didn’t meet before. From the first moment it felt as coming home, as we were family. I experienced what a warm and welcoming community the Golden Flower Tai Chi School really is, a group of all warm, nice people. People who support and appreciate each other.

Every time I practice Tai Chi together with other people of the school who are all nice, warm people, that’s my favorite Golden Flower Moment.

How many years of Tai Chi experience do you have?

I’m practising Tai Chi for 7 years. In 2006, I started with practising Tai Chi.

Which classes do you lead?

On Monday I teach 2 classes in Kontich.

At 19:00 I teach a beginners class where I teach Golden Flower Tai Chi Basic exercises.

At 20:30 I teach a Golden Flower Tai Chi Form Class

On Tuesday at 20:30, I assist Rashmi Endenburg in her Golden Flower Form Class in Lubbeek

What is your professional background?



DSC_0229Hilde De Ceuster

Why I love tai Chi

In the early ninety’s I was looking for Tai Chi lessons in my neighbourhood. As a beautician I work with the 5 elements to keep balance in the body and I wanted to (re)find my balance in body and mind by doing Tai Chi . I didn’t want to be dependant of someone else ‘s treatment, so… From the lessons I found, the instructor didn’t please me . so I didn’t really start these. After a few years I was invited into the yearly dancing-Tai Chi- party from The Golden Flower School with Maria. Seeing all this people, so different the one the other respecting each other in kindness and love , I knew these were the one I wanted to be surrounded. They did a presentation of the Golden Flower Form and I was immediately convinced. THIS was what I was looking for!! After so many years of Tai Chi practice and being an instructor, I still like the way we are friends and so more for each other. Having the same intention. I’ll never forget the feeling I had with a standing Chi Kong on an instructorstraining in Zeeland in the Netherlands. After a long warming up with African music and dance, the Chi Kong started with beautiful music from Devakant. Through the big windows I could see the sun shining on the little waves of the water from the lake and I wished it ‘d never end. I think a lot of that moment and I still can feel that vibration. When things are not going well in my life, I keep going back into that moment of lightness and good feeling. For a few years I had Tai Chi classes. Now I don’t teach Tai Chi no more, but I hope by being Tai Chi I can be an inspiration for my surrounding friends, clients, some people.

I love Tai Chi and The Golden Flower School!!


Leen De Leenheer

Why I love tai Chi

Already after a few classes I could feel a harmony coming over me which I never experienced before. Inner peace, no questions, no doubt, just being. At the same time it felt very familiar, as if I remembered something from a very long long time before, but that I forgot. That moment I knew I would never let go Tai Chi anymore and that I wanted to share this experience with other people eagerly.

A favorite Golden Flower experience

The moment that San Gee told us that, as Golden Flower instructors, we had to be light workers, that our main task was to bring the vibration up of the people we were teaching, that moment I felt a YES going through my body almost physically. This is what I want to do! And the moment I received my instructor’s certificate, it felt as coming home after a long journey at my destiny and with my family.

Years of Tai Chi practice

I started in 2006 with Qi Gong, in 2007 with Tai Chi , became assistant in 2009 and instructor in 2012.

Professional background and current classes

As bio-engineer with 35 years of experience in applied research and industrial development I wanted to do something completely different. So I teach actually several Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes in Zaventem and Tervuren (Belgium) . Also Tai Chi in private companies (Unsisys; Tienen Sugar Refinery) and workshops on demand. I also love to share Tai Chi for free during summer holidays in the beautiful park of Tervuren.


MyrjamMyrjam Verbruggen

Why I love Tai Chi?

Although it is more than 20y ago (1990 – 1991) it is still fresh in my mind; it is started as a Monday story that became the journey of my life.

1 announcement about a Tai Chi class the next day got my attention – now I should say my intention – and I decided to try, to discover what it could be, this Tai Chi, what it included?

Remember in these days there was no internet for a quick update 😉

So I was looking for more body exercise, because of the season and bad weather it was no evidence to do a daily jogging. So I went to class …and years later I qualified as a GF instructor.

Could I know at that moment that so many years later I am still learning Tai Chi in the GFTS and that is been really truly aussum so far……………….I still love it and Tai Chi loves me too.

What is your favorite Golden Flower Experience/ Moment ?

There are so many wonderful days, hours, minutes… but a special moment too was our first visit to “the land”. Their it started, this preview was really a moment. It all happens.

Which classes do you lead?

Relaxation + shaking and breathing + Golden Flower Form + Golden Flower ability to learn + classes for everybody who likes to come and participate the doing Tai Chi.

I love to share what I learned and what I have embodied and what will come.

What is your professional background?

Since 1980 I have an independent home office in Insurance and Bank facilities – We are 3 women working together in the office.

My job includes – to work together with my clients, so that they can realize and hold their projects protected into their future family and living.

I live together in Ramsel with my lovely husband Wim.


DSC_0053Ann Crols

why do you love Tai Chi

Tai Chi helps me focus and find balance.It makes me feel so much better.

What is your favorite GF experience

My first international Golden Flower instructor’s training in October last year

How many years …

7 years of experience of which 2 years as a trainee

Which classes do you lead?

I don’t lead my own tc class yet but I am assisting in the Thursday afternoon class in Rising Spirit

Classes I am following as a student:

Golden Flower Chi Kung, Standing and meditation, fast form, standard GFTC form, GF long form, Bagua, Pushing Hands


DSC_0051Wendy De Bruyn

Why do you love Tai Chi?

In the beginning Tai Chi has brought me a lot of inner peace and it still does. But becoming a trainee and training Tai Chi more intense has brought me so much more. To learn about the principles and bring them back to my daily life has made some huge changes in my life. I feel more alive, happier and lot of my fears have disappeared and that makes me able to create my life the way I want it to be.

As a trainee it is also very inspiring and motivating to be able to work with Master San Gee Tam and Senior Instructor Annuka Holland and of course also other instructors. Being part of a group that feels like family and join the trainings is a very intense experience that only brings me Happy Chi.

It is a good vibration that I like to take in to my own classes and pass on to my own students.

Favorite Golden Flower moment?

I have several but if I have to pick one or two it will be the Shaking and Breathing during trainings. With loud music and a lot of dance and joy. Even early in the morning : )

Also to see my students going to the same changes that I have been trough brings me a lot of joy.

Years of Tai Chi practice.

I started in 1994 up to 2001. Then I decided to stop for a while. When my children went to kindergarten school I started again, that was in 2006. Altogether I’ve been doing Tai Chi for 14 years.

Classes you lead?

Two groups of Basic Golden Flower Tai Chi.


Stay at home mom : )


Marc Van Kerckhoven (Trainee)

Why do I love tai chi?

Tai chi gives me a great support in my life. It gives me more grounding and I feel lots of benefits for my health. It makes me more happy during my personal process of development in all areas of my life.

Favorite Golden Flower Moment?

The inner joy I felt during my participation as a trainee at the instructorstraining on Heavenly Way in february 2012.

How many years of experience do you have?

I started with tai chi 11 years ago in september 2002.

Which classes do I take at the moment?

My instructor is Kris Van Put at Rising Spirit. 3 times a week: monday ( 2 hours as an assistant), wednesday ( 3 hours) and satterday ( 3 hours); 1 hour is 45 minutes


Chi Kung, Tai Chi basic form, fast form and ba gua


I work full time as a physical therapist in a nursing home for elderly.


Inge Wenseleers (Trainee)

Why I love tai chi?

Tai chi gives me energy and power. It gives support for my health. It gives me a more positive life and it brings more awareness in my life.

Favorite Golden Flower Moment?

Each tai chi moment is a golden flower moment.

Years of practice?

I began in November 2006.

Classes I take?

Thuesday: 1 hour daoistic yoga; 2 hours basic form as an a assistant ( with Carina Mampaey)
Wednesday: 3 hours bagua and dong chi kung ( with Kris Van Put)
Satterday: 3 hours standing, tai chi basic form and fast form ,every 2 weeks, with Kris


I work full time as an administrative assistant at the city of Antwerp ( Department Sport).

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