Developing Radiant Health

SAngee sword picAre you wondering what you can do to improve your health? To have more energy? To just feel better? In this time of rapid change on our planet, good health is essential and for many may seem challenging to achieve.

Many Golden Flower Instructors and Students were motivated to seek out Tai Chi because of health issues including fatigue, back problems, loss of balance, trouble walking, depression, anxiety and arthritis. They found ways to not only resolve their illnesses, but to achieve vibrant health.

You Have the Key

One of Golden Flower’s primary goals is to empower people to take charge of their own health. You have vastly more control over your own health than you may realize.  Golden Flower offers everyone many different avenues to explore so they can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Long-Lasting Health

Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and related practices have deep and long-lasting health benefits. Over many centuries, these practices have been proven to strengthen and improve health, vitality, strength, coordination, and balance.  And they are a lot of fun to do!

yumNutrition is Essential

Golden Flower offers guidance in finding the nutritional path that works best for each person.  Every individual has unique nutritional requirements, and so one type of diet does not work well for everyone.  Golden Flower has trained Nutrition Educators that work with people and provide educational resources so that they may discover the nutritional path that best fits their needs.

Spend Time in Beautiful, Natural Surroundings

We know from experience that people’s health flourishes in a natural, peaceful environment.  Heavenly Way provides a welcome respite from hectic city life. The quiet, relaxing environment of the foothills, the woodlands and the gardens support one’s physical, mental, and emotional health in profound ways.  And interacting and communicating with our horses and donkeys can open the heart in ways that nothing else can.  You might just make a new four-legged friend while you’re there!


Health is Participation in Life

Life sometimes brings us the situations that we need to experience in order to help us grow.  This can include health challenges. However, we found that true health is supported by fully participating in life. Clinging to negativity and past habits can inhibit one’s true healing at a deep level.

This is a unique time on our planet. Many people are experiencing health challenges that are the result of rapid energy shifts inside their body and in the world.

At Golden Flower we understand and we can help. We encourage people to rediscover their innate power to maintain and strengthen their own health and well-being.  Focusing on your health, not on illness, will empower you to truly take back control of your life.

The Time Is Now – Take The First Step Toward Vibrant Health Today

We invite you to take a class, come to Heavenly Way for the day, or watch a video on the web site.  You can see for yourself how Golden Flower principles and practices can help you maximize your longevity and experience radiant health and vitality.

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