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The Golden Flower School in The Netherlands was started by Master San Gee Tam in 1983. At first weekend workshops were organized and soon after more and more instructors started to teach regular classes.

Now (October 2013) our team is 15 instructors strong and growing.

In several places throughout the country we have weekly classes, regular workshops and a yearly Tai Chi summer retreat.

The Global Connection

All Golden Flower Tai Chi Schools are connected to the Golden Flower Tai Chi™ Association International. The National School is also closely linked to the Golden Flower Schools in Belgium, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

The purpose of the school is to make Tai Chi widely available and accessible to everybody who wants to develop themselves through Tai Chi and self-cultivation.

By connecting to the Golden Flower School you are certain of the direct transfer of the traditional knowledge and the dynamic development of all aspects of Tai Chi and self-cultivation.

Visit us at You’ll find information about all our instructors, classes and workshops.


JobJob Koesoemobroto

Why I love Tai Chi

The principles are so versatile and practical in daily life. For example, the principles of relaxation and focus truly works when I am in busy traffic. Also I truly appreciate the health benefits Tai Chi practice gave me. I hardly ever get ill, the last decade I visited my doctor no more the 10 times. My favorite practice is Tai Chi Sword play. I love the elegance of the sword combined with the practical fighting applications.

Favorite Golden Flower moment

I have to say I have two favorite events.

1) The 2000 summer retreat in the USA. It was so much fun to learn so many Tai Chi, Bagua, sword forms, djembe drumming and many more. Enjoying the wonderful company of the Golden Flower Family and the generous teachings of master San Gee Tam. This trip was so inspiring to Shabab and me, when we got back home in the Netherlands we wanted a to find a place to live and practice Tai Chi in a similar energetic environment as we experienced in the USA. From that inspiration we found the beautiful Roswaard Estate.

2) At the Roswaard Estate I started leading summer retreats myself in the Netherlands. It is such a privilege and delight to provide a possibility for people to relax, enjoy and work hard on all different kinds of Tai Chi practices. I’m so much enjoying teaching, it’s one of the best choices in life I made.

Years of Tai Chi practice

I started Tai Chi in September 1984. I immediately loved it. After a 3 year professional training with master San Gee Tam in Belgium, I asked permission to start teaching. In 1989 I started my first class in Utrecht.

Current classes I’m leading

At the moment I teach weekly classes in Arnhem and twice a week I lead a morning exercise group for the local community. Once every month I teach the class in Utrecht. I give regular workshops in different aspects of Tai Chi (Form, Sword, Hsing-I, Bagua, etc). Frequently I’m asked to lead in company Tai Chi workshops and trainings.

Current profession

Currently I’m combining 3 professions: Teaching Tai Chi (weekly lessons, workshops and company trainings), graphic design (for print and web) and craftsmanship (woodworking, bowery and blacksmithing).


RobRob Hoogenboom

Why I love Tai Chi:

I love Tai Chi because it makes me feel better. Like anybody else my body needs movement and Tai Chi is a great mind/body exercise.

The practice of Tai Chi – using this term in a broader sense includes self-cultivation practices of taijiquan, baguazhang, xingyiquan and qigong – has enriched and transformed my life enormously. The practice of Tai Chi changed my perspective, and it more and more brings me back to myself who I really am. It generates Happy Qi J.

Favorite Golden Flower moment:

There have been many wonderful moments since I joined the Golden Flower Tai Chi School in 1996. One of them was the end of a Golden Flower retreat at Camp Hanes in North Carolina (USA). After days of training, eating, relaxing and lots of laughs we somehow ended up sitting on the wooden floor for the final exercise. The exercise came to an end. The retreat was over. Yet nobody wanted to get up and leave…

Years of Tai Chi practice:

1990 – Present.

Classes I lead:

Currently I lead no classes. I practice regularly with my wife and other instructors and share what I think I know with them.


I am a lawyer, and I work in the field of administrative (procedural) law.


Life is a Soap Bubble. Do not take it too seriously. It is not what it looks like.

Tai Chi is a martial art. It is not about fighting.


Martes Willemsen

Why I love tai chi:

Tai chi gives me a deeper insight into myself. The practice is very calming and intense at the same time. It helps me to get a better focus and concentration. Which helps me in daily life to achieve what I want.

The sensation of becoming more aware of my surroundings and be adaptable is an ongoing process. This I study with much pleasure and fun. Sharing from this experience and doing tai chi with other people makes life better, everybody should have the experience of the power of tai chi.

Tai chi is a positive contribution to my life experience and the Golden Flower family is very supportive in that.

Favorite GF moment:

Having interaction with other tai chi practitioners is always nice. Especially the following moment still sticks to my memory. I practiced a few years tai chi and did for the first time a training of a couple of days in a row, with my GF instructor at that time, Job Koesoemobroto. I was learning, one of the forms, the sword-form together with the other people attaining that training. It was such a good atmosphere a possibility to learn the new form and also meeting people from other GF schools of Europe. This experience gave me a better self esteem! And it was not my last wonderful experience attaining lessons from the Golden Flower school.

Classes he leads:

Taking over my wife’s weekly classes and starting my own near Amerongen (NL)

Years of tai chi experience:

2001 up to present


A fulltime job with the function of optimizing the processes in water cleansing plants in all its facets, such as technical and biological as well as human/machine interaction.

Wanda 2Wanda Link

Why I love Tai Chi?

The practice of Tai Chi intrigues me! I pick up movement very easily and I am fond of sports, but the practice of Tai Chi is different. It challenges me like nothing else does. There is always something new to discover, on whatever subject you can think of: health, movement, mindset or emotions.

Favorite Tai Chi moment

When I was for the first time at the February Instructors Training at Heavenly Way, Annukka was in the process of certifying some new instructors and she asked me: ‘ Wanda why don’t you do the instructors test in October?’ I had been doing Tai Chi for only 3,5 years and couldn’t imagine she was serious about that, but she wasn’t joking. After some thinking, I decided to go for it! This was the most transforming process for me so far and totally fitted the spirit of the Golden Flower School. It showed me that, if I put my mind to it and see possibility anything is possible!

Years of Tai Chi practice

2004 – present

Current classes leading

Tai Chi classes in Amerongen, The Netherlands

Tai Chi course in Veenendaal, The Netherlands Assisting the Golden Flower Tai Chi Advanced Training with Rashmi Endenburg, Belgium

What profession are you in?

When I started Tai Chi, it was just after I had a car accident. As a consequence I had to change my professional life, because I wasn’t able to work as a Geologist anymore. Now, many years later I am teaching Tai Chi classes and had several different jobs. I want to teach more Tai Chi, but first I am focussed on becoming a mom.



Why do I love Tai Chi?

I’m a curious person and always wanted to understand how things work. One of the most exciting subjects for me is discovering the awareness of my body, my mind and my spirit. Within the Golden Flower Tai Chi school I learned a lot of the basic understanding, by experiencing the interaction and the way they support each other. Before I knew Tai Chi I could easily loose myself in a crowd of people or in stressful circumstances. Now by learning and practicing Tai Chi, I learned how I can stay centered and present. This supports me in having better relationships and a more fulfilled life.

My favorite Golden Flower moment

One of my favorite moments is my first Masterclass with Master San Gee Tam. When I arrived I instantly felt being in a warm and light cloud of energy. I thought Wow, this is special!

Years of Practice

I started practicing Tai Chi in 1992. I gave lessons for 7 years and taking a break now. I’m looking forward to start new classes in the near future.



Why I love tai chi:

The Goldenflower School feels like family where I can be myself, share myself and keep learning at my own speed. Going to class gives me energy, happy chi and a tool to keep learning and developing

The most important it keeps my body flexible.

Favorite Golden Flower moment:

Coming together at all the Instructors trainings.

A lot of instructors I haven’t seen for a whole year, but it always feels like it was yesterday I saw them.

Years of tai chi practice


Classes she leads:

Basic Golden Flower Form


Pharmacist assistent



Why I love Tai Chi

Tai chi learned me to manage my energy, communicate clear and connect with myself and other people. It is a piecefull and joyfull method to get to know your own body, find inner and outer balance and health.As a manager / director in an organisation for nature, environment and sustainebiliity I must say that doing Tai Chi has been the best management training for me ever. And above all, it’ s great fun. I thank my first Tai Chi teacher in Holland and of course San Gee Tam for there passion and patience with me 😉

Favorite Golden Flower Moment.

Honestly, there are so many great moments, that I could write a book about them. As I have no time for that now, I ‘ ll choose two. Years ago I organised and joined a Tai Chi demonstration with collegue instructors and students in the townhall of The Hague. A huge white building with a lot of public. From the moment we started on the groundfloor at the Atrium, the public became very silent and attentive. As a group we moved as one entity. Big applause was our share, but the nicest of all was the feeling of unity and experience of dynamic silence during the demonstration.

Recently I joined the European Instructortraining in Holland with Master San Gee Tam and Annukka. Quite intensive during 4,5 days. About 41 instructors, incl. Trainees. Everybody arrived out of their own dynamic and often hectic daily life. Ofcourse we had to do a lot of training to increase our skills and balance. And at the end of the training we performed the new golden flower long form, after having learned a lot more in detail about the principles. And again, during this performance I felt unity and dynamic silence. Powerfull and peacefull. Thanks to high quality standard and ongoing developing teaching. It is a privilege and joy to join this international group of instructors

Years of tai Chi practice 20

Classes I lead

In the last years I led a different number of classes. With my recent intensive job, there fortunately still is some time left to continue teaching Tai Chi. At the moment I lead 1 class a week in Maartensdijk near Utrecht. At first I was hired by a karate association to teach Tai Chi to two classes. After years, the association wanted to quit the tai Chi. The group of students decided to continue as a real Golden Flower Class, took on responsability to organise this and everybody agreed to become a general member of the International Golden Flower Association. Beginners and more advanced students became one class that I continue to lead. Isn’t that great? I am proud on and happy with these students.



Why I love tai chi:

I love tai chi because tai chi principles stand for life principles. I understand living life by learning tai chi and vice versa. This continuously enriches and empowers me and my communication with others. Teaching tai chi for me is an inspiring way to keep in contact with the ways of life: meeting each other, understanding myself and others, keeping balance, staying in harmony, learning to become peaceful and openminded.

My favourite Golden Flower moment:

My own classes, my trainings, and my conversations about tai chi.

Years of Practice

I have been practicing tai chi for over 30 years.

Classes I lead

The classes I give in The Hague are one mixed advanced group with people who have been doing tai chi between 4 and 16 years, and one beginner group. I also have one group of elderly people in a social center, a group of people who were formerly homeless, and finally a group of people with limited vision.

Other professions:

I have been a teacher in kindergarten and primary school, and a teacher of Dutch language for immigrants. I have been doing theater as an actress and a director in France for 13 years. I also have been giving growth work sessions such as self development and emotional body work.


Luuk 2Luuk

Why I love Tai Chi

I love Tai Chi, for it helps me to get out of my mind. Out of daily business, just enjoying the moment in a regular flow of movement. Feeling alive, energetic, connected and present. I Also love doing Tai Chi and standing chi-kung outdoors, enjoying the connection with Life and Mother Nature. Tai Chi helps me also to stay in contact with my goals in life, seeing all in a brighter perspective. Using tai chi in daily life makes things transparent, and easy, like all in life can be astonishingly complicated, and at the same time be amazingly simple.

Favorite Golden Flower moment

There are several moments worth mentioning, but my most favourites moments are standing chi kung at the February training at Heavenly Way, early in the morning, looking over the valley and seeing the sun come up, the amazing training and clear teachings of master San Gee Tam and the warm connection with the other Golden Flower family members

Years of Tai Chi

From 2000 to present.

Current classes Saturday 09.30 – 11.00 advanced students Saturday 11.15 – 12.45 regular students Sunday 10.00 – 13.00 monthly advanced lessons

Web Site Email:



Why I love Tai Chi:

In my busy life TC is where I connect with my inner self, my inner calm. It keeps me healthy, flexible, relaxed and in touch with what is important to me.

Favorite Golden Flower moment:

Every year we organize a Dutch Summer Retreat at our place where we spend 5 days together doing TC and work on personal cultivation. In one of them we all saw a big white cloud in the distinct form of an angle hanging over our estate. It was like the whole universe was happy we were doing TC together!

Years of Practice:

I started studying with master Sangeetam in 1982 in London and continued to study with him ongoing until today.

Classes I lead:

I lead a general GF class on Thursday nights in Arnhem with my husband Job Koesoemobroto. We teach Golden Flower Form, Fast Form, Pushing Hands, Chi Kung, all warm-ups and all cultivation and meditation exercises.

Professional career:

After a career in sales, I switched to being an entrepreneur in 1995. I am a professional sparring partner for professionals in personal development and life mastery. See: for more information (in dutch).

About me:

In classes I am able to translate the practical use of all the TC principles to every day living.


Why do I love Tai Chi?

Tai Chi gave me back my body/mind/spirit after being sick. I can really move better again, I have a lot more energy and I am a lot more fearless in many different ways. It gave me back my life. The self development in the school helps me to grow and blossom. It gives me back my strength, power, joy and happiness.

My favorite Golden Flower Moment

There are many wonderfull moments, but one of my favourite moment was the moment that I was able to stand with my eyes closed and move a little without getting dizy or sick. For me that was so special. It gave me hope that recovery is possible after caraccidents and that there is a lot more to heal.

Years of practice

2005 – present I started in 2005, after bad experiences in the hospital with a lot of physical problems. The more I practiced, the healthier I got; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My classes

I assist Corry in Maartensdijk. II might start up again my own group again next year.

My profession

I am a mother of two kids, I have a husband and an old mother who I take care of. I am an artist: I make art, sculptures of stone and kley an I paint. I try to practice Tai Chi and the principles during the lessons and during daily life. As a result of that, my life has changed enormously and I am much healthier, happier, fearless and confident.



Why do I love Tai Chi?

Starting practicing Tai Chi within the Golden Flower School meant a huge and tremendous shift in my health and personal growth. Ever since I started I discovered more about my real me. I learn to connect (more) with my body, my inner me and everyone around me. By exercising Tai Chi and all the other practicing the School offers I feel so much better, healthier, happier in all areas I work, live…and am! For me Tai Chi is the funniest way to practice physically while benefitting in health and creating mentally growth. And sometimes without even knowing it. I Just do it, experience it, play with it and live it.

Favorite GF experience

One of the favorite moments I remember was when I participated in my first instructor training at the Heavenly Way. One instructor asked me if I would like to join him practicing the form. And then he asked me what form I would like to practice. I was completely surprised. I only knew (till then) the GF basic form. From that moment I knew I had to let go all that I knew and had been practicing so far. I decided to just go with the Golden Flower Flow. For 6 days I practiced all kinds of forms and excersises. And by not knowing I experienced a tremendous new energy and flow. It was awesome. I felt empty minded, relaxed, yet energized and focused together with the other GF family members. By not The real go with the flow. I loved it and incredibly – by going with the flow I learned so much. A wise life-lesson as well.

Years of practice


My classes

I teach in Huissen at Wednesday-nights and in Bemmel at Wednesday-morning and Thursday-night. For actual details of the classes, visit:


I am co-owner of Puur Vitaal in which a practice my Tai Chi & Qigong. But also Bootcamp trainings. I am also a running and walking instructor in which I integrate many Tai Chi principles. Besides my Puur Vitaal activities I still work as an (internal) communication professional in a company. In my development as communications professional I now study and integrate the method and principles of Non Violence Communications, founded by Marshall Rosenberg. And this also connects to the communication principles Master San Gee Tam teaches us in the Golden Flower School. So Tai Chi helps me in my everyday life and also in my work.


TrudeliesTrudelies schouten

Why I love tai chi

Since I started thai chi, It changed my life enormously for the better. Because when doing the form and exercises, it connects with my inner self more and more. Starting the day with standing gives my whole day more focus, I get more done and in a natural way.Where before I was always busy doning things for others, forgetting about things I really wanted, couldn’t say no to people, I now am able to live my life in a far more natural way and create time for what I really want.I also love tai chi in the golden flower school because we have so much fun together, it makes life simple and worthwile. Because the school is also about self development it makes so clear what is relevant and really important in life and what not, that makes my life easy.

My favorite tai chi moment

I had and still have very many favourite tai chi moments. But seeing my students improve and getting great insights in learning and doing tai chi, aswell as getting tai chi insights in relation to dayly life gives me great satisfaction. And it also gives me confidence that I can create beyond everything I thought possible before. Teaching to a group of students, willing to learn and enthousiastical every time is awsum. It lifts my spirit. Teaching is one of my favourite Tai chi moments.

Years of tai chi practise

I started in 1996 – presentBecame a instructor in february 2011

Classes I lead

I give a lesson once a week in Bilthoven at the WVT from 20.00- 21.30 on wednesday evening to a group with different beginner levels. Which is great because the students support each other very willingly in learning the movements. The group is serious but we also have a lot af fun.On tuesday evening I teach a small group in Utrecht from 20.00-21.30 with different levels. This group was always taught by Job Koesoemobroto, until recently in october I had the honour of continuing teaching this group. We always start with a central program for all students and then seperate the levels and work on each level. Because this group was taught by Job and we still love his teaching, we invite him to teach every other 4-6 weeks. We gather questions during the regular lessons and create the theme for that special lesson.

My profession

I am originally a teacher of biology and house economics. But after 5 years of teaching started my own freelance bussines writing recipes and doing edtorial work for food magazines and women’s weekly. After two years I also started foodstyling for photography for magazines. Today I’m working for the Dutch foodmagazine delicious. as a foodeditor.



Why I love Tai Chi

I love Tai Chi because I do keep learning.

I started Tai Chi after master San Gee Tam gave me the experience of how effective Tai Chi is as a martial art. Now I’m caught because I learn so much about ‘life’ and personal development. Tai Chi principles often are metaphoric to life principles.

My favorite Tai Chi moment

I enjoy training Sunday mornings in the park, together with my students. I also love the Instructor Trainings because they pull the whole school together and as instructors we meet and work together.

Years of practice

I started with workshops given by master San Gee Tam in Den Haag (NL) in 1985. To me it’s really surprising how much there is to learn and to develop.

Classes I’m leading

I started leading classes in 1999. For now I’m leading a beginners class and an intermediate group on Wednesday evenings. On Mondays I lead a Chi Kung group and a Tai Chi class for advanced students. I consider giving a new beginners group in January 2014 for people 50+ age.

Classes I’m taking

I tend to follow all international Instructor Trainings, in February and in October. I have private lessons with master San Gee Tam every year. Every three weeks I invite advanced Tai Chi players and teachers from different schools to train Pushing Hands together.

My profession

For almost twenty years I worked as a recruiter on job centers and worked a lot with people from foreign countries. Due to my Tai Chi training I developed towards being a LifeCoach and work mostly outdoor for myself since January 2013.

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