Nutrition & Weight Loss

Eating Well for Radiant Health

nutritionStudying Tai Chi and tuning into subtle energies naturally leads to questions about feeling balanced at all levels — and that includes people’s eating habits.  Realizing the major role nutrition plays in overall well-being, Master San Gee Tam decided to include nutrition education as part of the School’s Advanced Training.  As a result, ten Golden Flower Instructors have been certified by NIWH (the National Institute of Whole Health) as Nutrition Educators. Although there are no specific protocols recommended for Golden Flower Students, the basic Tai Chi practices and principles (along with the atmosphere at the center and Heavenly Way) eventually create for each person a greater sense of their own state of health. In this way, nutrition is an added part of the ongoing conversation, and some of our Instructors are available for private nutrition for health consultations.

At our many retreats we pride ourselves in offering a wholesome, nutritious and very delicious menu. We try to provide for individuals dietary requirements where possible and to provide a balanced diet full of taste and vitality.

Some of our more popular recipes will be available soon!


Our interest in nutrition has included the study of native and Chinese tonic herbs. We regularly have guest herbalists visit us at Heavenly Way to lead herb walks on the property. Heavenly Way is a great resource for studying native herbs, the pristine environment and high energy of this beautiful land provide a home to many rare and endangered species. Alongside the native herbs we are growing a variety of useful Chinese and western tonic herbs and culinary herbs for their health properties.

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