De-Stress With The Be Here Process

Be Here Process“Here is not a place and now is not a time.”
~ Master San Gee Tam

Golden Flower’s “Be Here Now Process” is a simple meditation exercise that helps you peacefully enter the present moment by simply focusing your awareness on your physical sensations, your emotions, and your thoughts.

By practicing “Be Here Now” you discover a pathway for learning how to be present and balanced. It helps you detach from your thoughts and sensations and tune into the inner calmness and strength that we all innately possess.

Now available as an online audio download course with explanation and guided meditations by Master San Gee Tam.


Presence and Balance

Consistently entering the present moment with gentle awareness allows direct access to mastery in your life… something that can seem elusive.  You learn how to improve your focus, your relationships, your sleep and your overall health. When practicing Be Here Now, it is easy to experience a gentle flow and harmony that feels timeless and indescribable.  It alters how we experience our reality in a significant and profoundly positive way.

“When participating in the Be Here Process with the Golden Flower Community, I feel as if I have plugged into a grid of powerful love where everyone is similarly focused, yet uniquely individual; that’s when it gets really fun and I feel as if I have come home to myself.”

~ Joy Truluck Scheidt


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