Nature Connection

Rest, rejuvination, and reconnecting with the deeper part of yourself.  These are all elements that are essential to a healthy, balanced life.  Join us at Golden Flower’s Heavenly Way Retreat Center, just 40 minutes from Winston-Salem or Greensboro, and enjoy the many gifts that nature has to offer, in all seasons.

Whether you visit Heavenly Way to participate in a Tai Chi Retreat, Self-Cultivation Workshop, a Natural Horsemanship Seminar or merely to spend time outside with nature, spending time in such beautiful surroundings puts you in touch with your deeper, truer self.

The beauty of the land and the practices of the Golden Flower School provide opportunities for each person to cultivate a sense of well-being and to reconnect with the true purpose of existence; achieving a balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Events Retreats

Plant Walks

plant walkOne great way to connect with the natural environment around you is through plant walks. We regularly lead walks around the property to study the local flowers, trees and herbs. Heavenly Way is a great resource for studying native herbs, the pristine environment and high energy of this beautiful land provide a home to many rare and endangered species. Alongside the native herbs we are growing a variety of useful chinese and western tonic herbs and culinary herbs which have many health benefits.

Nature Connection

RichardHeavenly Way is the perfect place to get away from it all and revive your spirit by creating a deep connection with the environment. We have many activities that will increase your confidence, and bring you into a connection with nature. Hiking, camping, riding, photograph, gardening and just being with the many animals and the great community of people gathering here. You are welcome to come on Saturdays to volunteer and to visit and hang out.


The art of Tai Chi uses communication, listening with your whole being, and clear intention to achieve miraculous results. These same principles are the foundation of Golden Flower’s Natural Horsemanship Training.

Our facility features beautiful trails for riding on the 300-acre property of woods, meadows, ponds and streams. We invite you to come make some new, life-long friends of these beautiful wise horses who are here to be your teachers.


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