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Scroll down for an alphabetical listing of Golden Flower Instructors.

Golden Flower Instructors are not only highly qualified to lead students through the School’s curriculum and various forms, they enjoy sharing their love of Golden Flower Principals, and the benefits they receive, with their students.

Each Golden Flower Instructor must complete a 1½ – 2 year Instructor Training Program led by Master San Gee Tam.  The Instructor Program goes deeply into the major aspects of Tai Chi and Chi Gong, including:

  • Foundation Principles of Tai Chi Ch’uan
  • Tai Chi form corrections
  • Tai Chi applications
  • Principles of Chi Gong and related practices
  • How to effectively lead a Tai Chi class
  • Communication Skills

Instructor Trainees must pass rigorous testing in order to become a Certified Golden Flower Instructor. But training and development does not stop there. After initial certification, Golden Flower Instructors participate in ongoing monthly training as well as private lessons with Master San Gee Tam and Senior Instructor, Annukka Holland. Instructors also participate in yearly International Instructor Training, a 10-day Retreat, held at Heavenly Way.  Many Golden Flower Instructors worldwide also participate in training events held in England, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Russia.  Indeed, the Golden Flower Instructor experience is unparalleled.

With the background, training, and experience of Golden Flower Instructors, the learning experience for students in Golden Flower classes is highly rewarding. And it’s a lot of fun!


Golden Flower Instructors who teach at The Center in downtown Winston-Salem and at Heavenly Way Retreat in North Carolina, USA



Michelle Carter

Why She Loves Tai Chi: Earlier in life I experienced a lot of anxiety, resulting in an eating disorder and heavy alcohol use. That’s all gone now and I credit Tai Chi and meditation practices for my healing. I also was born with a mild scoliosis that caused pain in my lower back. When I first started practicing Master San Gee Tam said, “You can fix that.” He was right. After years of standing Chi Gong, my scoliosis is 90% improved and there is no pain whatsoever. I teach my students that, with patience, they can change anything in their lives… even their bones!

Favorite Golden Flower Moment: “There are so many, but my favorite moments are quiet times spent with the horses, especially Star, at Heavenly Way.

Years of Tai Chi Practice: 2005 to Present

Classes She Leads: Tuesday, 6m Tai Chi Class and Wednesday at 7 am at Golden Flower Center.
Guilford College: Tai Chi I and II.

Profession: Registered nurse working in the mental health field.



Marti Lillich

Why I love Tai Chi: Because of the energetic and peaceful feeling it gives me.

Favorite Golden Flower moments: Seeing students be amazed when they, too, get a sense of their energy, become peaceful, and find out what relaxing really means.

Years of Tai Chi Practice: 1998 to present

Classes I Lead: At Golden Flower Center – Monday, 6pm, Tuesday 6pm, Wednesday 7am, Wednesday 6pm (warm-ups only); At Riverlanding Senior Center – Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-2pm

Profession: retired, part time ESL teacher



Richard Pollard

Why I love Tai Chi:  The awareness of energy when I practice and sharing energy when practicing with others.

Favorite Golden Flower moment: Working with Damien at Heavenly Way.

Years practice:  2005 to present

Class I teach: Monday Tai Chi class at Heavenly Way, 6:30 pm



Rick Reich

Place in World: Environmental/Land Use Specialist with an international law firm.

Years of Tai Chi Practice: 2005 to Present.

Classes Taught: Community Tai Chi Class (Golden Flower Tai Chi Center, Winston-Salem, NC).

Favorite Golden Flower Lesson or Moment: Being in the present.

Why & How: Life is. We are. Just be. / Words hint. Being is. Love reveals.


RickGFTC INSTRUCTORS 02 Pete Sangimino

Why I love Tai Chi: It settles my mind and makes my body feel great.

Favorite Golden Flower moments: There are too many. It’s like trying to pick your favorite kid.

Years of Tai Chi Practice: 1997 to present

Classes I Lead: At the Greensboro Cultural Center Tuesdays 7pm; At Friends Homes – Tuesdays and Thursdays; In the past I’ve taught at UNCG, Guilford College, and in Charlotte at CPCC, Central YWCA, and Harris YMCA.

Profession: Digital Marketing Consultant and Web Designer



International Golden Flower Instructors

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Testimonials from Golden Flower Instructors Around the World

“For me, being part of the Golden Flower School is about so much more than doing Tai Chi. It is about being connected with other people, learning and working together in a harmonious and fun way.  It is amazing how the Golden Flower School brings us together, whenever I visit the US, UK, Belgium or even Russia —  we share the same passion. I know I am among friends and instantly I feel at home.

Practicing and teaching the principles of Tai Chi is such a fantastic way to share the beauty and possibilities of life.”

~ Wanda, Golden Flower Instructor, Netherlands 


“As a Golden Flower Instructor for the past 10 years I have been privileged to witness how Tai Chi supports positive change in people’s lives. The energy that we create in class empowers transformation way beyond the students and me.  When we gather for a Golden Flower Class we feel the energy of the school in us. The School that we are creating together is unlimited in its potential.”   

~ Tom Gold-Blyth, Golden Flower Instructor, Oxford, England


“I am continually inspired by Master San Gee Tam’s teachings and the curriculum the School offers: personal development in any aspect of life and the cultivation of Happy Chi. I also enjoy the great sense of community and friendship in the School.  In my classes I aim to reflect these aspects so that students can benefit from Tai Chi as much as I do, having fun and enjoyment, depth of experience and also being able to nurture personal development. Being on the South Coast also gives us the opportunity to practice by the sea!”

~ Heike Waters, Golden Flower Instructor, England


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