It is with pleasure that we welcome you to the Golden Flower Tai Chi™ School. We hope you will experience not only the health benefits of Tai Chi, but also the support of the staff and instructors.

Our purpose is to make the deep knowledge passed down as the art of Tai Chi available to all of you who sincerely seek radiant health and natural wisdom. Founder, Master San Gee Tam, and Senior Instructor Annukka Holland, work to structure the school and classes to reach as many people as possible and to provide assistance and guidance as you begin your study and practice.

Membership to the Golden Flower Tai Chi Association is required for all students attending Golden Flower Tai Chi classes with a certified Golden Flower Tai Chi Instructor. As a registered member of the Golden Flower School you will receive online access to a special student recources area where you will find free videos, audio and many documents to support you in your Tai Chi journey.


Members receive regular discounts and promotions and access to products and online courses that support your level of training. If you are attending some of the advanced trainings, are beginning your Instructor Training or have just become an Instructor you can apply to upgrade your membership by filling in the contact form.

The Annual membership fee contributes to the general administration expenses of the school. The membership fee also supports your commitment – to yourself, your well-being, and your Tai Chi practice. It serves as a statement of intent from yourself that you consciously choose a practice that will benefit your health and well-being.

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Our school is your school. In joining the school you become a member of an extended family made up of students regularly attending classes in Belgium, England, Holland, Russia and the United States.

Learning happens when people put themselves into the active process of exploring.

As soon as you walk through the door of the Golden Flower School, you are a co-creator enrolled in a dynamic learning environment. Every person involved in the school, influences and changes the school, hence co-creation. In essence, co-creation is a partnership that provides the opportunity for everyone involved: teachers and students alike, to powerfully and intentionally create their experiences in the School and in their life.

Ways to Learn

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