Golden Flower Tai Chi

Golden Flower Tai Chi does not emphasize a particular style. Originally based on Yang Style Tai Chi, it is much more an integration of principles from several different Tai Chi styles. The principles that are incorporated come from a range of healing, meditation, and energy cultivations that are directly related to Tai Chi Ch’uan. Golden Flower Tai Chi is a highly integrated practice and offers people a complete system for personal growth and development.

The Golden Flower School teaches an authentic Tai Chi Form from the Yang Family lineage, however Master San Gee Tam intentionally created a community that operates differently than a traditional martial arts school. At our School you will not just learn the form (movements) for the sake of the form. You will learn the principals behind each movement and use that knowledge as a springboard for personal transformation.

Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi as a Study of Universal Principles

Tai Chi is based on universal principles of physical movement and energetics. It is not the style of Tai Chi one chooses to study that is essential, but the practice of principles that take one’s life and awareness to a higher level. Tai Chi is a practice that is so broad that there is something for everyone. If you are very energetic and physically rigorous, you can really plunge into the study of Tai Chi as a martial art. This is a very challenging pursuit and is available to students that attend Golden Flower. But one can also study Tai Chi for general health, relaxation, and meditation. Most people study Tai Chi in this second way and find it very satisfying and rewarding.

The Golden Flower Experience
P1010184Golden Flower provides a pathway for learning how to be present and balanced. We use Tai Chi, energy cultivation and inner growth techniques to learn how to naturally move toward a state of radiant health. Modern life is full of expectations, interruptions, and other stresses that often take us away from our genuine, authentic selves. Practicing Golden Flower Tai Chi helps us reconnect with who we really are… to be truly present.

Consistently practicing Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and the rest of The Golden Flower Curriculum provides direct access to mastery in one’s life. You learn how to improve your focus, relationships, and overall health. You plug into a gentle flow and experience of harmony that feels timeless and indescribable. Your day-to-day experience of reality is altered in a significant, profoundly-positive way.

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