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Tom Gold-Blyth shares about the International Instructor Training


Two days into the Long Form Training at Heavenly Way and I want to share with you that it is not what I expected. It reminds me that it’s best to assume nothing!

Two days and I feel like, under the powerful leadership of Sangee, Annukka and Damien, I have done more than I have ever done in two days. Rolling and wrestling on mats, intensive and highly effective applications (many of which end up with me rolling in the dirt), kettlebells, sandbags, running and burpees, lots of pushing hands. Oh yes and Long Form lots of Long Form over and over. It’s been fantastic and energising. Very energising. 

I have felt myself confronted with my own limitations a few times and have broken through. I am already feeling stronger and ready for more challenges. I have a sense that I have been holding back and am letting loose.

It all makes perfect sense. Long Form is a training form so Sangee is training us to a stronger core and a higher level of fitness.

By the way you are going to love the remodelled cubbies in the Lodge (give it up for Richard). Also Cindy has taken on leading the kitchen team and is delighting us with her food.

So if you are at home wishing you were here get into the vibe of ‘breakthrough training’. It feels amazing!


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