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Marie Carty on Chi Source at the International Instructor Training

“The main purpose of Chi Source is to share” were the first words Master San Gee Tam spoke to the 30 of us on our first evening of this advanced training course here at Heavenly Way.  “It is when you share with other people that you can really express yourself clearly and this means exposing yourself FOR yourself”.  But while you are sharing, just remember it is not a matter of figuring it out, it is a matter of experience: “There are no specific answers, just experiences and if you have a problem it’s because you haven’t had enough experience in that area”.
My sharing that first evening was that, until now, I have always believed I had to work real hard to overcome any obstacles or problems that often came my way, especially during group trainings. In these past 3 months, I have had the most enlightening time discovering the Teachings of Abraham, a group of loving entities presented (or channelled) through Esther Hicks.  Never once did I realise that, by concentrating so hard on getting rid of those obstacles, what I was really doing was putting more weight on them, making them even bigger and stronger – the Law of Attraction working at its best. It is a matter of releasing resistance which I have been carrying for most of my life; last night San Gee reminded us again: “Quit resisting and fighting everything … and you will see miracles happen” … I can’t wait!

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