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Balancing Yin and Yang … and a new way of checking your e-mails!


by Rashmi Endenberg


The retreat has started this morning at 7. Not surprisingly, it was a day full of surprises ! In the beautiful early morning with a breathtaking view of misty mountains, not only did we do Ba Gua Super Fitness, standing and Form, we also were introduced to self-expressing medicine ball smashing! After a delicious breakfast, the general vote was for something calm. Personally, one goal I had for this retreat was to bring my practice to a new level. I had a picture of studying different forms and being really inspired to start practicing several hours a day. I must say that an hour of relaxing and plantar audition was not part of what I had in mind. But we get what we need and what’s best for us. As I lay down with my feet listening to the music, I realized how busy my mind was and how it was jumping from one item on my to-do list to another. As I watched my thoughts pass by I gradually mellowed and realized that it was not more doing that I needed, but more being. One e-mail passed my mind. I had read it, but I had not ‘had time’ to let it in. It was a beautiful and personal message and as I lay there in Plantar Audition, I finally got it. After an other delicious meal we went for a walk in the woods and along the river. This time the tendancy and wish to do something was less loud and insistent in my mind. I quickly realized that on a deeper level, I just wanted to be and interact with people and nature. I had great, deep, and at the same time fun and light chats with several people during the walk and throughout the day. It is so healing and inspiring to be around people that are bringing consciousness and creativity to their lives. The funny thing was that after a day of ‘craving’ Tai Chi, it was sort of a surprise when it came in the evening program. The loud and clear lesson I got from this day was that I needed to replenish my yin energy, before I could take on more yang. As always, I was also super inspired by Master San Gee Tam and Annukka and I realized that they can only generate as much as they do because they are able to relax and have fun! Oh and by the way, contrary to what you might think from this personal account of the day, we did do long and short forms plenty of times all day long with lots of pointers and insightful input; the timing of it just did not fit my expectations. So life is good in Heavenly Way at the retreat! I look forward to more surprises over the next days!!!

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