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Creating From The Center Of The Cyclone: A Message from Master San Gee Tam


Creating is fundamental to our nature. You were born into this life with the desire and intention for what you wanted to create. At times it can be challenging to access those original intentions due to the dualities that constantly present themselves, but it is those dualities that give each of us the fuel to invent, then create, then manifest the lives we most want to live. Dualities can take many forms. For instance, when you are holding still it makes you want to move; when you are rushing for too long you crave peace and quiet. When you are bored you want to start creating something new. Use this energy.

The first step in creating is knowing what you want. Many times when I ask people what they want to create, they have no idea. However, the more and more you wake up, the more excited you will get about the creation process. What specifically you want to create doesn’t really matter. What matters is the ability to access your power as a creator. Your power comes from the ability to Be Here, in the moment. Even when your life is like a cyclone, you have access to the completely still, quiet center. That is the place from which you want to create. If your mind and emotions are scattered and flying around in the cyclone, your vision and ability to focus will also be scattered.

Being an active creator and moving in the direction of the life you want is what will make you happy. When you resist that flow, the creative process, you experience suffering. Suffering can also arise out of misplaced expectations of how and when what you are creating shows up. The key is to remind yourself again and again that you get what you need when you are ready for it… and not a moment sooner. The Universe is an intricately designed machine. If you got more than you could handle… even just a little bit before you were ready, you would be destroyed. When you have brought your vibe up to the next level, more will appear for you to play with and work with.

You have actively created everything that is in your life… it hasn’t been given to you … or forced on you by someone else. If you don’t get that then you will continually create problems and conflicts in your life.

There is also the default process. If you choose not to be a conscious creator for a period of time then “default mode” will take care of everything and you will get what you get. Things from “default mode” typically come from the life your parents were generating when you were small. But that doesn’t mean you should blame your parents for the life you have now. Blame just means you’re not awake (yet) and that you might be operating in “default mode.”

In contrast, when you are in active creation mode and feeling great and excited then you are in a state where you can really create by completely seeing a vision of what you are consciously bringing toward you. The only obstacle to this is your own resistance. And resistance is OK. As I said earlier, you might not be ready yet for what you are creating.

If during your creative journey you experience problems or conflict and find yourself in an overly serious or dark place, the best way to deal with things is to use humor. Laughter and funny stories, especially about yourself, is a powerful way to return to feeling good.

We are learning more and more to be abundant creators who are continually evolving and expanding and living into that experience. That is one way to live an enjoyable life.

We will be going much deeper into specific, basic techniques for creating at the New Year’s Retreat at Heavenly Way on December 31 and January 1.

Master San Gee TamI am deeply excited about what I see all of us co-creating in 2015.

– Master San Gee Tam*

*This blog post was written by Cheryl Schirillo directly after listening to one of Master San Gee Tam’s talks.

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