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Focus, Results and Courage: A Message From Master San Gee Tam

San Gee and crew


Fall is an excellent time to re-invent your practice and increase your focus on health, well-being and what you want to create in your life. The collective energy of autumn harvests, back to school, fresh starts and new teachers can help propel you into the next level of learning and mastery in your life.

During this month’s message I’d like to address how focus can help you integrate the lessons that are coming to you. Focus also helps you create more vibrantly, notice and fully participate in opportunities, and then appreciate the “real” results that manifest.

There is an important difference between creating and manifesting. By manifesting I mean “real” tangible results that you can touch or measure. Creating, visioning and imagining happen at the level of your mind and emotions and are an essential first step. However, good intentions and having fun brainstorming are not enough if you want tangible results. The key is to remain focused on what you’re creating (especially the positive thoughts and feelings), and then acting from that place with integrity and courage. At that point your internal economy kicks in and measurable changes start showing up in your life. Focus and integrity are important. A lack of focus can derail the creative process and keep you from manifesting the life that you really want to live.

Manifesting isn’t something you do.  It is the real, concrete, tangible results you see in your life.  You can create toward manifesting results, but you can’t do manifesting.

There are five general steps in the process:

1)   Internally creating. This can include visioning, imagining what you want, sensing how it will feel, and brainstorming how it could play out.

2)   Paying attention. Noticing when messages and opportunities to learn or engage come into your life. Observing the connections between what you have been “creating” and what is coming to you.

3)   Taking action. Fully participating in what shows up. Saying yes to the invitation. Returning the hug. Answering the call.  Accepting the task.

4)   Noticing and deeply appreciating the “real,” tangible results that are manifesting your life.

5)   Gently keeping the wheel of creating and manifesting turning.

You can’t just “manifest” a new boyfriend or girlfriend.  But you can create in your mind and emotional body what being with a new person would feel like. You can pay attention when someone bumps into you on the sidewalk and your heart lights up when they smile at you. You can smile back and say yes.

One block to manifesting, or seeing tangible results or change in your life, can be habits. Habits have a tendency to build up around non-essential stuff.  For instance you may have a tendency to run late because you feel compelled to do one or two more “quick” things before you head out the door. This stuff is not real, it’s just a little habit that’s taken hold. What is real is honoring your commitments. When you stay focused on what is important and remember to act with integrity, then you won’t get caught up in the stream of non-essential activities distracting you from your purpose.

Most of us are holding back from the real power of who we truly are. We let small things distract us from working on the big things. We let fear prevent us from saying yes and creating new opportunities for growth. A way around this is to start each day focused on the “big” things before all the “small” urgent things start showing up.  Take a moment to reflect on where you are in your life.  What are the skills and lessons you need to integrate so that you can be who you are truly meant to be?

Today commit yourself to advancing in those areas during your morning practice, whether that is Chi Gong, The Be Here Now Meditation Process, one of the Golden Flower Tai Chi Forms, or some other tradition.  Allow space in your morning practice for intentional, internal creative time.

Make your morning ritual a gift to yourself. Look inward and notice if you are integrating the lessons that are coming to you and learning from them on a sub-atomic level.

The power to learn, advance and see tangible results in your life comes from focus.  If you stay focused on one area you will learn and progress.  Focus trumps your tendency to go back and forth about how much you’re interested in something.  If you “show up” and focus with regularity, then being “in the mood” and wanting to do it is irrelevant.  You will learn and progress whether you “want to” or not.

The Golden Flower Tai Chi School is an excellent example of the principal of extended focus and creativity manifesting growth and abundance. Thirty-four years ago I started it all with a course on human development. With focus and interest from so many, the School has grown into a thriving international community of Golden Flower Instructors and Students in the US, England, Belgium, The Netherlands and Russia.  I didn’t create the school for me. It manifested so beautifully due to the desire and focused excitement from all of you.

Take a moment to look back on your life and notice your own, dramatic personal growth and evolution. Now focus on what you want to learn this year so you can embrace your true power and abilities.  Allow yourself to fully take advantage of the opportunities that are presenting themselves. Be courageous by saying yes to opportunities and sharing your true journey with others. And of course, have fun learning and enjoying the new life you are creating every day, the life you’ve been longing for.

~ Master San Gee Tam

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