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Instructor Training Begins! Thoughts from Tom


The International Instructors Training got off to a very clear, calm, and focused start today. It is great to have 4 days dedicated to deepening our Golden Flower Long Form practice.  We learned a new level of detail in the sequencing of the moves. It is amazing to feel how each movement is distinct and yet we internalize the separation so it is unified.

We repeated the first part of the form so many times that our focus kept building. Master San Gee Tam explained that our physical body is within our energy body and that we need to develop inner strength to ground and express our energy fully. Without all the details our Tai Chi is stuck at a beginner  level.  Later, we all joined Richard’s class in the lodge. This class spontaneously developed into a healing energy space as we practiced slow movement with ever expanding consciousness. It was a fantastic end to the first day.

Tom Gold-Blyth


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