History of the Golden Flower School

Starting in London three decades ago, Master San Gee Tam, one of the authentic living Tai Chi Masters in the world, has worked with his wife and Senior Instructor, Annukka Holland, to establish an international community through the Golden Flower Schools they have founded in the United States, England, Belgium, The Netherlands and Siberia.

Master San Gee Tam and Annukka teach weekly classes at the two main Golden Flower Centers in North Carolina, USA: In the heart of Winston-Salem’s Arts District on Trade Street, and at Heavenly Way Retreat Center near Hanging Rock State Park in the beautiful foothills of the mountains.  They also regularly travel internationally to teach and build the Global Golden Flower Community.  Each February, they hold a 10-Day Instructor Training Retreat in North Carolina attended by Golden Flower Instructors from across the globe. Each August, they hold a week-long Retreat for Instructors, Students and their families and friends.

The Golden Flower Tai Chi Association was started in 1985. At the time Master San Gee Tam was Chief Instructor at Large in the International Tai Chi Chuan Association of Master Chu King Hung official certified representative of the Yang family. Master San Gee Tam was also Chief Instructor of the Golden Flower Tai Chi Association in Belgium, having established the ITCCA in Brussels and popularizing Tai Chi in Belgium. He has also studied extensively with Master Dong Zeng Chen, 3rd generation Yang Style master and Grandson of the famous Tung Ying Jie.

Master San Gee Tam’s integral “Golden Flower” method, including Tai Chi and self-cultivation, is a unique system, comprehensive for Westerners and accessible for anyone with an open mind. Education and ongoing training of Golden Flower Tai Chi Instructors is his highest priority, because it is his intention to make the unique benefits of the Golden Flower teachings available to anyone. Learning Tai Chi is a process of personal evolution for instructors as well as for the students.

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