chi gongThe mission of the Golden Flower Center is to make deep knowledge passed down as the art of Tai Chi and Chi Gong (a powerful practice for generating energy) available to anyone who sincerely seeks radiant health and natural wisdom.

The Golden Path

There are many styles of Tai Chi. Golden Flower offers authentic Tai Chi from the Yang Family lineage. Over the past three decades, Master San Gee Tam has perfected a system that is both easy for the beginner and challenging for advanced students. Please visit our online calendar to discover weekly classes, workshops and retreats. Golden Flower provides a path of self-discovery that allows students to connect with their authentic, higher selves. Master San Gee Tam’s integral Golden Flower Method is a unique system that is accessible for anyone with an open minded interest in deeper learning.

san gee in heaven

An International Community

Golden Flower is a supportive community of more than twenty Tai Chi instructors in North Carolina, dozens more throughout Europe, and thousands of students worldwide.  Under the guidance of Master San Gee Tam, they work on mastery by continually deepening their Tai Chi Practice and integrating energy work and self-cultivation into their daily lives.

Who Can Benefit

Participation in the Golden Flower curriculum results in exceptional physical health, vitality, emotional balance and well-being. These benefits are available to anyone, regardless of current physical condition.

Indeed, what Golden Flower is really about is the health, vitality, and independence of all people.

PICT0024_2Health Benefits of  Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Chi Gong are health practices that have been researched and developed in China for thousands of years. In the past decade they have begun rapidly growing in global popularity.

These technologies are currently being used in college athletic programs, hospitals, businesses, schools, universities and senior centers.

Tai Chi and Chi Gong have been shown to:

  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Relieve Depression
  • Help reduce arthritis and chronic pain
  • Dramatically reduce stress
  • Activate the body’s natural healing properties
  • Burn calories
  • Improve Balance
  • Provide cardiovascular benefit

The Golden Flower Center is an oasis from the stress of the outside world.”

Briana Wright, Tai Chi Student since 2004


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