You are cordially invited to a Master Class, Sunday, March 7th, 2021 on Zoom

  • 10-12 am EST – USA, NC
  • 3-5 pm GMT – United Kingdom
  • 4-6 pm CET – Benelux
  • 9-11 pm OMST – Russia, Omsk

Master Annukka Holland will lead us in the joy and harmony of the Golden Flower Standard Form in her trademarked uplifting, clarifying and transformational way. With gentleness and spirit, she will deliver valuable Tai Chi nuggets for us to treasure and nurture. We also intend and expect to feel the presence and guidance of Grandmaster San Gee Tam from the other side.

Enrollment: Please email your GF instructor who will reply with how to make payment and with Zoom details. If you don’t have an instructor at the moment, please use the form below to request details.

Cost: $40 €35 £33
Deadline: March 5th

Level: Participants are expected to know the first section of the Golden Flower Standard Form.

Thank you, and we look forward to celebrating the Golden Flower School and its teachings together!