Golden Flower Events

From the week-long annual retreat each summer, to Golden Flower Workshop Days with Master San Gee Tam, to monthly Natural Horse Seminars, to Tai Chi Demos during Gallery Hops …. there’s always something fun and valuable happening within the Golden Flower Community.  Keep reading to find something that sparks your interest.

Golden Flower Days with Master San Gee Tam

Spend the day with Master San Gee Tam going deeper into the Golden Flower Principals.  Golden Flower Days occur four times a year, sometimes at Heavenly Way Retreat and sometimes at The Center on Trade Street in downtown Winston-Salem.  The half-day workshops include a meal and provide an opportunity for Tai Chi students and instructors at all levels to work with Master San Gee Tam in a comfortable setting. These learning sessions are particularly valuable because of Master San Gee Tam’s deep knowledge of Tai Chi, Chi Gong, health practices and balance in every day life. He explains core principles in such a way that he touches each person at their level of understanding.  His unique ability to see “people where they are” at any given moment, and speak to different stages of listening all at once, helps each student personally experience what is being taught, opening the the door for greater integration of what they already know.

The Annual Summer Retreat

Why come to The Golden Flower Annual Summer Retreat?  To give yourself the gift of space…to step out of your normal routine and take time to reconnect with the unchanging part of you.  That may sound simple or ordinary, but stop to consider how often we suspend our ceaseless “doing” and make room for just “being”.   Some types of vacations, though enjoyable, can consume your energy instead of restoring it.  The Annual Golden Flower Retreat each summer provides a respite from “busy” and offers rejuvenation and play in a beautiful natural setting.  The Retreat takes place at Heavenly Way, a very special place that is the result of Master San Gee Tam and Annukka’s intention to provide a nurturing environment for people to grow and develop.  Being the beautiful surroundings at Heavenly Way in the mountains makes it easy for you to relax and think about what you would like to create for yourself on all levels.  For those who already do Tai Chi, the retreat is like prolonging the wonderful feeling you get practicing the form or Chi Gong.

Even though a lot of Tai Chi instruction is offered during the Retreat there are many other activities to enjoy like hiking, swimming, dirt bikes, gardening, horseback riding, kayaking, archery, pottery, meditation and more.  All retreat activities are all designed for you to gain confidence, balance, and mastery in life.  One of the nicest things about the whole experience is that each person who attends has a part in creating a wonderful chi field where everyone can unwind and have fun.

So why do people love the retreat and return year after year? Because it is restful, rejuvenating and magical!







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