New Years Retreat




December 31st – January 1st

PICT0024_2Let’s start the New Year with Good Spirits, Good Company and Good Creations.

Golden Flower’s New Years Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for you to complete the old year and begin the new year with renewed energy, a clear mind and an open heart. It is the time to remember that we all have the power to gather our energies and create the direction our lives will take in the coming year.

new years peace

Before the new cycle begins, it is most important to be complete with past experiences and events. Our incomplete communications, frustrated intentions and unfulfilled expectations add invisible weight to every new possibility. Anything we leave unresolved will most predictably interfere with our new ventures.

Golden Flower’s Completing and Creating Process gives us an opportunity to recognize neglected issues, transform negative attitudes and gather all our thoughts, emotions and behaviors that remain identified with the past. Then we may dedicate that reclaimed energy toward producing powerful intentions with good results for the upcoming year.

A “New Year” is Possibility!

Most of us start out the New Year with the resolve to accomplish many new and wonderful things. The reason our achievement commonly falls short of our vision is that we don’t clearly “create” what we want in the first place. It is more beneficial to start new projects with a clear vision of what we intend to manifest. When we intentionally create the future, our visions do come into being.

And of course, during the Retreat we also have lots of fun enjoying each other, laughing, playing, relaxing and eating lots of delicious, nurturing food.

Retreat Activities include:

  • Meditative Gathering Practices
  • Creation and Communication Exercises
  • Tai Chi Practice
  • Renewal and Dedication Ceremony
  • Nature Walks
  • The opportunity to renew ourselves with Rest and Silence

Join us and make space for a New Year of unprecedented creativity, joy and fulfillment!

When: December 31st at 10:00 am – January 1st 4:00 pm

Where: Heavenly Way Retreat Center

Cost: $250 Includes accommodation and tuition. Bring food to share.

Please register by Saturday December 20th.

For more information call: Golden Flower Center, 336-727-1131


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