Golden Flower is a caring, supportive community dozens of Tai Chi instructors, and hundreds of students, and those numbers are growing every year. Golden Flower Tai Chi Schools have been founded in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte, England, Belgium, The Netherlands and Siberia. This culturally diverse family is united in their enthusiasm for Tai Chi and their appreciation of a very supportive and powerful international community of friends. In 1982, Master San Gee Tam established classes in England and continental Europe. This marked the beginning of the Golden Flower Tai Chi Association International. Today, Golden Flower is a vibrant, inclusive community that reaches across borders and boundaries all over the world.

The Golden Flower Center on Trade Street in downtown Winston-Salem, and the Heavenly Way Retreat Center in the foothills the of North Carolina mountains, represent the headquarters of the Golden Flower Tai Chi Association International.

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