New Year Retreat 2015

December 31, 2014 @ 10:30 am – January 1, 2015 @ 4:00 pm
Heavenly Way
Simmons Road
Westfield, NC 27053

new years peace 
Let’s start the New Year in good spirits, with good company and good creations.

Completing projects and experiences of the past year and beginning the New Year with renewed energy, a clear mind and an open heart is probably the most important observance that we could practice. At this time of ending and beginnings, we have the most power to gather our energies and create the direction for new events that will manifest in the coming year.

Before the new cycle begins, it is most important to be complete with past experiences and events. Old obstacles and unfinished business adds invisible weight to every new project. Anything left over tends to most reliably interfere with new developments at the worst possible times. The completing process is to recognize, transform and gather all our thoughts, emotions or physical actions that remain invested or stuck in the past. Dedicate that energy and generate powerful intention for the upcoming year.


The “New Year” is Possibility! Most of us start out the New Year with the resolve to do new and wonderful things. Too often we fall short of those intentions. The main reason for this is that we didn’t really “create” it in the first place. All new creations, projects and even possessions should start with gathering our source energies and dedicating our efforts towards a higher reality. This must become an essential realization and regular practice for all of us. What we intentionally create and clearly envision does come into being. It is far better to actively create, envision and intend what you want to manifest rather than to allow the automatic unconscious process of the negative mind to assert itself.

What will we actually do?

For the two days over New Year, we will relax and gather ourselves, communicate and enjoy, and open the door to blessing in coming year. Time to be alone, time to be together.

  • Meditation and Gathering cultivation
  • Tai Chi Practice
  • Creation and Communication exercises
  • Nature walks
  • Cook good food
  • Enjoy good company
  • Renew ourselves with Rest and Silence


Join us in taking the time to do what we really need to do for ourselves. Have a new year of unprecedented creativity, joy and fulfillment!




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