GF Long Form

These classes are designed to deepen one’s understanding of Tai Chi principles.

Tea & Beginner Tai Chi

For early birds who want to put some pep in their step. Michelle Carter and Marti Lillich teach Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation in this a.m. class. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated for the day!

Bagua Super Fitness

Time to get in shape! This vigorous form of exercise is one of the three internal martial arts (Tai Chi and Hsing I are the others). It involves “walking the circle” and is excellent for developing flexibility and stamina. The essential power that bagua produces is adaptability, enabling you to easily adjust to any situation in your life. It can be studied alone or as a supplement to Tai Chi training. You will love this workout!

Integral Healing (Jun)

A monthly workshop led by Master San Gee Tam for advanced students and Instructors. Combining all aspects of wholistic health, self-cultivation, communication and leadership.

Small Circle (May)

A monthly advanced Tai Chi workshop led by Master San Gee Tam for advanced students and instructors

Small Circle (Apr)

A monthly advanced Tai Chi workshop led by Master San Gee Tam for advanced students and instructors

Tai Chi Staff Form Workshop

Tai Chi Staff Form Doing Tai Chi with a staff in your hands gives you a renewed sense of your personal power. Join Rick Baudino in this Saturday Seminar to learn the graceful and dynamic art of Tai Chi Staff Short Form. You will also have fun engaging in two-person partner exercises. Rick recently led this seminar for ten Golden Flower Instructors in Denmark and received rave reviews. It is recommended that you have some experience with Tai Chi to attend.

A long-time private student of Master San Gee Tam’s and a Golden Flower Instructor, Rick has been practicing Tai Chi Chuan for nearly 30 years. He currently teaches Tai Chi at Wake Forest University for football players and other students. Rick also enjoys leading the Saturday morning class at The Center on Trade Street.


Sword Form Workshop

Annukka Annukka Holland, Golden Flower’s Senior Instructor, will lead this Sword Form Intensive. Experience the special warrior energy found in practicing the ancient art of Sword Form. Beginners are welcome.

Special Offer $25
For DVD if ordered with workshop booking!



Ba Gua Super Fitness Workshop

Ba Gua is one of the three “internal” style Chinese martial arts (Tai Chi Chuan and Hsing I being the other two). Ba Gua is based on the 8 energies described in the Book of Changes (I Ching) and the theory of continuous change.

Ba Gua super fitness is focused on training the body and mind to be flexible, open, adaptable and strong. It is also the most aerobically oriented of the three “internal” styles.

Damien Reynolds demonstrating

The main practices we will cover are:

  • The 49 super fitness foundation exercises.
  • The basics of Ba Gua circling
  • The ‘Link Palm’ Ba Gua form