Learning happens when people put themselves into the active process of exploring.

What is the Co-Creative Process?

Co-creation is really very simple. It is people with similar interests and intentions bringing together their energy in the form of enthusiasm, openness, cooperation and enjoyment. Each individual transforming their own individual experience within a framework of benefiting the whole.  This is what Golden Flower is working toward. Everyone is welcome to join our family, where they are supported in expanding their awareness and creating the life that they want to live.Co-creation is a highly energetic, yet peaceful process, that is enhanced through clarity, passion and elevating your vibration to a level that allows for the natural abundance of life to be felt and manifest through flow and harmonious unfolding.You Are Essential

As soon as you walk through the door of the Golden Flower School, you are a co-creator enrolled in a dynamic learning environment. Every person involved in the school, influences and changes the school, hence co-creation. In essence, co-creation is a partnership that provides the opportunity for everyone involved: teachers and students alike, to powerfully and intentionally create their experiences in the School and in their life.

Take a Class, Practice, Volunteer, Communicate

Golden Flower Principals are manifest in co-creation. When flow and natural harmony are the guiding energies around what you create, co-creation is at play.

How Students and Instructors Co-Creative Every Class Together

By listening to the needs of students, and being present within every lesson and principle: the needs of the student are met and the teacher’s understanding is expanded. Principles are taught through experience. It is impossible to create a curriculum to suit everyone, at Golden Flower, lessons and experiences evolve and adapt to the environment of students and instructors. The foundation of wisdom from the instructors allows for an approach to teaching that can be nimble, ever-changing and enhanced by the students’ participation. It is an organic process that creates flow and harmony within the instruction.

Volunteer and Become Part of the Golden Flower Community

People learn through experiences, not just hearing or reading about something.  By volunteering you have access to a lot of learning opportunities you wouldn’t necessarily have during a class.  You meet students, instructors and have an an opportunity to interact directly with the beauty, nature and animals out at Heavenly Way Retreat.  It’s another level of deep participation.  You’re not learning about life, you are living it.

Currently at Golden Flower  people have the opportunity to participate by: gardening, helping to take care of the horses, trail building, and archiving Golden Flower photos, text and audio clips of Master San Gee Tam’s teachings.  At the Trade Street Center volunteers are helping to take care of the space, work in the back meditation garden and helping with special events and Gallery Hop Tai Chi demonstrations.

Donating is Mutually-Beneficial

As with volunteering, when you make a donation to the Golden Flower Community, you get back much more than you give. We want you to have a part in growing the school, in co-creating where we will go in the future.  Your donation connects you directly to this creative force.

“Tai Chi is about learning how to learn.” ~ Master San Gee Tam










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