Trade Street Center

World-Wide Headquarters for The
International Golden Flower Tai Chi Association

Tai Chi Classes
DSC01662Stepping into the Golden Flower Tai Chi Center on Trade Street, even for the first time, one immediately feels a sense of peace and ease.

Located in the heart of Winston-Salem’s Downtown Arts District, in North Carolina, USA, Golden Flower’s Trade Street Center is a nurturing space for exploration and self-cultivation. Students and instructors work together weekly, encouraging each other to grow in their practice of Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Pa Kua, and Pushing Hands, as well as their understanding of nutrition, physical health, meditation and inner well-being.

DSC02457The Center is a nexus of focused and supportive learning for the expansion and integration of the larger community of the Golden Flower School where all are encouraged and empowered. The Center’s beautiful Tai Chi Studio shares space with the Bubbling Well Tea and Bead Bar, which is owned and operated by Julie and Damien Reynolds, long-time Golden Flower students and instructors. Bubbling Well offers teas, health tonics and creativity expansion through hands-on creating.


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