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Time spent at our Heavenly Way Retreat Center relaxes, cleanses, and refreshes, in ways unparalleled.

chi gongNestled in the heart of the ancient Saura Mountains, Golden Flower’s Retreat Center serves as a space to allow all to reconnect with their inner selves, while harmonizing with the natural world around them. Located just 45 minutes from Winston-Salem or Greensboro, the drive alone gives you space to unwind and change your perspective.

waterfallWhether you visit Heavenly Way to participate in a Tai Chi Retreat, Self-Cultivation Workshop, a Natural Horsemanship Seminar or merely to spend time outside with nature, spending time in such beautiful surroundings puts you in touch with your deeper, truer self.

The beauty of the land and the practices of the Golden Flower School provide opportunities for each person to cultivate a sense of well-being and to reconnect with the true purpose of existence; achieving a balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Learn and see more at the Heavenly Way Retreat blog: heavenlyway.us





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