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Insights Into Intuition and Co-Creation at the London Instructor Training by Damien

  I’m working on mastering the skill of listening to my intuition more. When the subject of attending the Golden Flower European Instructor Training came up it was easy, my intuition said; you definitely need to go. When this happens I always wonder why the intuitive “yes” was so strong. I wonder whether I am […]

Learning by Playing: Tai Chi Training in London by Carla Verhaaf

A fantastic view over London, the sun in our faces and all of us together on the top of a major green hill. What a perfect playground for the second part of our Golden Flower International Training in England today. All the energy I have gathered so far in our training sessions flew through my […]

Focus, Results and Courage: A Message From Master San Gee Tam

  Fall is an excellent time to re-invent your practice and increase your focus on health, well-being and what you want to create in your life. The collective energy of autumn harvests, back to school, fresh starts and new teachers can help propel you into the next level of learning and mastery in your life. […]

Focus And The Power of Story and Events: A Message from Master San Gee Tam

People ask me how they can get better at practically directing their mind so they can build focus. I’d like to explore that idea by talking about events and the stories we tell ourselves. You experience your life in “events.” Like the folders on your computer that help you organize your photos and word files, […]

Your Focus Determines Your Reality: A Message from Master San Gee Tam

I’d like to share with you some helpful insights I offered to the Golden Flower Instructor Trainees who spent the day at Heavenly Way last week. Focusing your mind is an essential element of Tai Chi and self-cultivation. Focus and commitment dramatically increase your ability to progress towards mastery. It is something most people don’t […]